IShowSpeed Net Worth

What is IShowSpeed’s net worth?


IShowSpeed (real name – Darren Watkins Jr) is an American YouTuber, online gamer, and content creator.

He gained popularity as an NBA 2K gameplayer and has a current following of over 8 million subscribers.

The Origin Story

Ishowspeed was born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, where he spent the greater part of his life.

He was raised by his parents alongside his brother and sister, with who he shares a close relationship.

Darren grew up fascinated by YouTube and the online world, particularly computer games and digital gaming. So it only made sense that he decided to spend his time gaming when he wasn’t in school.

Speaking of school, Darren attends high school and has not mentioned any plans to attend post-secondary education.

In fact, he contemplated dropping out of high school to focus his time on his career.

Prior to finding success as an online gamer, he worked part-time in a nursing home delivering food to elderly attendants.


The start of his YouTube career was ignited by his friend, who suggested he start uploading videos.

It wasn’t until April 2020 that Ishowspeed took the idea seriously, even if he created his channel in March 2016.

What prompted him to take the initiative was the boredom he experienced during 2020 and his eagerness to find some sort of entertainment that would get him through the day-to-day life.

He made the decision to quit his job at the nursing home and spend his time learning how to navigate YouTube and how to create content.

Darren has a passion for playing NBA 2k20 and 2k21 video games which not many other players would create videos for, so he used this as an area of opportunity. 

As such, he began to post videos of himself playing the two games, and from that, he gained a tremendous following.

In addition to NBA 2k20 and 2k21, he played many other games, including Talking Tom & Friends, Fortnite, FIFA, Fall Guys, and Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

Just from adding these games, he began to notice an even greater growth in his following.

His channel is not only centered around gaming. He also uploads videos of himself singing music, and rapping to some of his favorite hits.

The creativity of his channel and the variety of content he creates is what helped him become the prominent YouTuber he is known as and helped him earn such a substantial net worth in a short period.

Twitch Ban

Just like anything in life, all good things come with some bad interjected every now and then. And Darren is not immune to that reality.

In December 2021, he was invited to Adin Live’s dating show on Twitch.

He was invited as one of the participants because the show included some of America’s top online gamers.

He took an unpleasant approach to his attraction to Ash Kash, another participant who is a social media influencer. 

Darren approached her through social media, and despite her declining his advances, he became somewhat aggressive with more unwanted advances.

As a result of his behavior, he was permanently banned from the Twitch platform, which took a toll on his online gaming presence since Twitch is a platform for competitive online gamers.

In April 2022, Darren was banned from every Riot Games after another sexist rant. On April 7, he released an apology via Twitter. “I was wrong,” IShowSpeed said. He added: “I was completely wrong in that situation.”

The MMO streamer Asmongold said that Darren’s ban was unfair and that “this [the permaban] doesn’t improve the situation with sexism online.”

According to this tweet, Darren is also banned on Fortnite.

His YouTube Channel Exploded

After IShowSpeed was permanently banned from Twitch, his YouTube channel exploded in popularity.

Most of his YouTube videos are live stream recordings. 

The thing that makes Ishowspeed so peculiar is how he interacts with his subscribers during his lives streams. He is known for roaring, barking, and even shouting at the camera during his live streams, which tends to get a noticeable rise from his audience.

In addition to this somewhat strange behavior, he also enjoys talking about the constant growth of his subscriber count and how impressed he is with himself.


Aside from his gaming career, he is also an amateur music producer and is known to produce rap songs which he uploads to his channel. Some of his released songs include Ronaldo, One piece, God is good, and Shake.

He has a second YouTube channel named “Live Speedy,” which went live on June 2, 2021.

He uses this channel to post short clips and highlights of his previous live streams. 

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Ishowspeed was in a long-term relationship with a previous girlfriend who he doesn’t share many details about. But the one thing he does share is how he found out she was cheating on him, which devastated him.

When he learned the news, he ended the relationship and moved into a new one with Ermony Renee (aka Dream), a social media influencer. 

It is unclear if the two are still together.

IShowSpeed – Net Worth

Darren earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, streaming on Twitch (this revenue stream was cut off), and posting on TikTok.

On both his YouTube channels, IShowSpeed has over 920 million views–about $1.8 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, IShowSpeed has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Carlos Vannini Net Worth

What is Carlos Vannini’s net worth?


Carlos Vannini is an Australian social media and Instagram star, entrepreneur, and hairstylist.

His rise to fame was when he was cast on  Season One of “Yummy Mummies,” a Channel 7 reality television show in 2017.

The Origin Story

Carlos Vannini was born in Adelaide, Australia, on December 4, 1983.

His father is Bruno Vannini.

He doesn’t release too much information about his childhood life, but since he was part of a reality TV show, his private life was exposed.


He is a father of two daughters named Montana and Valentina, and one son name Cartel.

Vannini shares his children with his fiancée, Maria DiGeronimo (there are no reliable sources to confirm if the two are married).

Jane Scandizzo, Maria DiGeronimo, Rachel Watts and Lorinska Merrington – @Getty

In 2018, there were reports that Vannini and DiGeronimo have split. The pressures and judgments of the public to some degree took its toll,” Carlos said. Later that year, the two confirmed they are back together and ‘more in love than ever.’

He was previously married to Sigol Dawarnia.


Regarding Vannini’s professional life, there are many industries in which he works, and he has risen to fame as a reality star, turned social media star.

Although Carlos is a public figure and became a household name, particularly in Australia, he has described himself as a ‘part-time barber and business owner’ rather than a reality or social media personality. 

He began his career as a barber and had such a knack for the trade that he turned his passion into being an entrepreneur.

Vannini wanted to take the time to transform his clients, and he became known as one of the best in the industry.

Although he was making a name for himself in his hometown and had become a celebrity in his own right, his life really took a turn in 2017 when he and his wife took to the big screen for a change of pace in their lives.

Yummy Mummies

They were contacted by Australia’s Channel 7 to join the cast of the up-and-coming reality show, “Yummy Mummies.”

It is an Australian reality television series that originally premiered on July 9, 2017, on the Channel 7 Network.

The premise of the show was to follow affluent, pregnant moms and the lives they led up until their due date. The show had a “Realy HouseWives” feel to it but with a positive twist.

The moms-to-be would support each other through their journey of pregnancy, and the show was essentially a chronicle story of their unique journeys.

Carlos and DiGeronimo decided to participate in season one, which was a one-time gig for them, as their participation in the show was simply to showcase their lives as expecting parents. 

Since the series performed relatively well, NetFlix Australia picked up the entire series, which also helped to propel the couple to higher celebrity status.

Vannini took to filming the reality show well and enjoyed being a part of an inspirational show. He also became one of the fan favorites due to his charismatic nature and appeal on camera.

And he wasn’t only a fan favorite, he was adored by the cast and crew. As such, they offered him a guaranteed stop in the upcoming second season of the show.

While most people would take this offer up as it is a segway to many more opportunities, not to mention an inflating net worth, Vannini had his heart set elsewhere.

He turned down the offer and moved forward with his personal career.

There is speculation that he didn’t want to return due to tensions he had lingering with the cast and crew on the show, but this has not been formally determined. He also said that Maria was “not portrayed accurately.”

Signature Cut Barber Shop

From the moment the public became aware of who he was and his talent for styling hair, his barber shop began to boom.

As such, a majority of his net worth is dedicated to its success, and like all other reality stars, when the cameras stop rolling, they take to many other forms of social media to continue their streak of success, and that’s precisely what Vannin did.

He uses the platform to further promote his brand as well as his actual business, “Signature Cut Barber Shop.”

His business had already become popular through the reality show, but he wanted to continue his success.

And following his presence on Instagram and many other social media accounts, it is believed that the fame the accounts naturally produced has contributed a tremendous amount of money to his already growing net worth.

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Carlos Vannini – Net Worth

Vannini earned most of his wealth from working at Signature Cut Barbershop in Adelaide and being a business owner.

In 2017, Carlos was able to gift DiGeronimo more than $15,000 in Versace jewels.

Currently, Vannini focuses solely on his business and building his social media career.

He is very strategic with his Instagram account and only uses it for business growth and brand building. Most of his Instagram posts are promotions for his hairstyling business, and consumer brands he is associated with, and of course, he does use it for family promotion, as well.

Therefore, Carlos Vannini has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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MrBallen Net Worth | Wife

What is MrBallen’s net worth? Who is MrBallen’s wife?


MrBallen is an American murder/mystery YouTuber and retired Navy Seal.

His rise to fame was through his YouTube videos which caught the attention of viewers who love thriller-type content.

The Origin Story

Jonathan B. Allen was born on October 1, 1988, in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States.

He was raised by his mother, who was a professional writer, and his father whom he shares a close relationship.

Jonathan was raised alongside his two sisters.

He was always a studious student and graduated from high school in 2006. He applied to a few universities and got accepted into the University of Massachusetts.

Allen told his fans during one of his Q&As on YouTube that his mother is the reason he was accepted into university, thanks to her writing skills. Since she is a professional writer, she wrote his entry essay.

Navy Seal

Despite being accepted into a good university, he didn’t put forth the effort and eventually dropped out.

He wanted to do better and make something of his life, so he started to research careers in the military.

As such, he applied to the Navy Seal and was accepted.

He decided that his future career would be dedicated to the military, but as is the case with many, there was a change in events that led him to his very prosperous YouTube career.

While he was on one of his deployments in 2014, a grenade was thrown toward him and landed on his shoulder.

It ricocheted off his shoulder and hit the ground, leading it to denote, which sent shrapnel flying into the lower half of his body.

This caused extreme and severe injuries to his body and put his life on a different path immediately.

His experience was traumatic, and he has publicly thanked his medic team for keeping him alive and changing the fate of his life that day.

Following contemplation, MrBallen made the difficult decision to exit the service and left with a medical retirement that commenced sometime in 2017.

Following his exit, he wanted to remain part of the US military but wasn’t sure how. As such, he decided to help other military members in need.

Jonathan co-founded two organizations with a friend of his. One of the organizations is his passion project which helps former military members find jobs in the public and private sectors.

He knew firsthand how difficult it was to find employment, so he took his experiences and translated them into a good cause. But this wasn’t the end of the road for Allen, not by a far stretch.

In fact, he fell into a career in entertainment purely by chance.


Just around the time TikTok hit the American social media market, Jonathan created an account just for the fun of it, as most people did.

He decided to create content around murder/mystery stories, some notorious, others not as known.

He also began telling stories of his time as an American Navy Seal and the reason that led up to his departure. 

While his fan base grew, he also received growing hate and concern from the Navy Seal community. 

Fellow militants began to comment on his content and reached out to him directly about his motives and what he hoped to gain out of sharing stories that others felt were personal.

He responded to the vitriol by ceasing to speak about his experiences.

Although he stopped creating content about the military, he was still ranking in the murder/mystery list of content creators, even though it was a saturated space at the time of his introduction.

Allen still managed to make his way up the ranks. He began to notice his follower count growing exponentially, and he realized that he might just have a talent for “storytelling.”


Jonathan began to consider a social media career as his followers began to request new content from him, and he knew that YouTube would be the best platform.

And there it was.

His YouTube page was created under the name “MrBallen.” His channel covered the same type of content as TikTok, but he went into further detail, with many of his stories ranging anywhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

His channel grew faster than he had anticipated, and he is now known as the storyteller of “the strange, dark, and mysterious.”

It grew from a few thousand subscribers to over 6.22 million in the short span of 2 years. This is an accomplishment most YouTubers only dream of.

One of the pieces of feedback he constantly receives from his fanbase that can be attributed to his mammoth level of success is his ability to tell stories like no other.

He also takes the time to research unknown cases that are not already covered by his competition.


His channel grew so large that he decided to move into the podcast space, where he covers the same content, but the audio videos are much longer, allowing him to go into much more detail.

“MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories” is available on Spotify and has become another significant revenue source for him.

Jonathan is a story of success and has proven that with the right direction and dedication, anyone can become the best in any space, even as a beginner, despite their background or years of experience.

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MrBallen is married to his long-term girlfriend, Amanda, who he met while attending college. 

Together they share three children, two daughters and a son. 

MrBallen – Net Worth

Allen makes most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, posting on TikTok, and from his podcast.

The podcast can listen to on Amazon, Google, iTunes, and Spotify.

On YouTube, Jonathan has river 1.1 billion views–about $3 million in revenue before taxes.

Allen was also part of the US Navy from December 2010 to December 2017.

Therefore, MrBallen has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Latte ASMR Net Worth | Real Name

What is Latte ASMR’s net worth? Also, what is Latte ASMR’s real name?


Latte ASMR is a Korean ASMR YouTuber—also known as an ASMRtist—who had hit more than 465 million views in five years.

She can also rack up almost 100,000 views on a new video within 8 hours.

So how does she do it?

And what is ASMR, anyway?

And most importantly, who is this Latte ASMR?

Here’s what we know.

But first… what is ASMR?

ASMR—which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response—is a form of sensory relaxation that moves down the body.

Sometimes it’s referred to as a brain massage because it triggers tingling sensations in the head, ears, scalp, neck, and back.

ASMR sound effects are typically whispers, crackles, or tapping—with a whole sub-genre of ASMR being of the no-talking variety.

Some fans of ASMR compare it to the feeling of someone playing with your hair or dragging their fingernails over your back.

If you’ve ever heard of Bob Ross, the famed painter, and beloved YouTube guru—his voice is described as ASMR-level relaxation.

In 2021, there were more than 5 million ASMR videos on YouTube.

Seul Gi Lee often mixes her soft-spoken, whispery delivery with ASMR triggers.

Triggers often referred to as traditional ASMR techniques, are typically sounds or feelings.

They can be mouth sounds—whispering, breathing, clicking of the tongue, etc.—or generated sounds. Generated sounds, like tapping, rubbing, rustling, crinkling, and brushing, are often used to create the “brain massage” feeling.

Physical hand movement triggers are another specialty of Latte ASMR’s.

Physical triggers, like simulated face touching, ear cleaning, hair brushing, and stroking, are incredibly popular in the ASMRtist community.

The Origin Story

Seul Gi Lee was born on May 16, 1993, in South Korea.

The ASMR YouTuber is based in Seoul, the South Korean capital, where she works full-time posting content to both her channels: Latte ASMR and Latte.

Seul Gi Lee is close to her family, and still lives near them, although she remains very private about her personal relationships.


She has experienced huge success with the beauty and wellness ASMR community, with her POV videos that include simulated false eyelash application, hair brushing, Botox, and deep facial cleansing.

The South Korean YouTube sensation specializes in videos that integrate tapping, whispering, brushing, and roleplay—like this video, where she roleplays taking care of someone who isn’t feeling well.

This style of video may seem weird, but this one had amassed more than 5 million views.

Latte ASMR may already have carved out a niche with her POV roleplays and softly whispered delivery, but she’s got another unique selling point, too: she posts her content in Korean, English…and sometimes Japanese.

One of her Japanese Latte Spa videos has gained 6 million views since 2017.

Often, she posts video content in her native Korean language.

These are immensely popular—especially the ones where she roleplays giving Korean lessons as a teacher.

She also takes the time to teach basic Korean words to her followers—all of which boosts engagement.

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Playing a Role

Latte ASMR has become adept at playing a multitude of characters.

She sets up detailed and intricate “sets” for filming—from a spa to a classroom, to a café, a doctor’s office, a police station, and many more.

Once she’s set the scene, she commits to the video premise. Often, she plays the part of a school nurse. Other times she might be a mom or caregiver.

She’s been a secret agent, a makeup artist, a café worker, even a witch.

Fans of Latte ASMR often joke that she has a million jobs—and with all the roles she’s played so far, they might not be too far off the mark.

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The YouTube Business Model

Lee posted her first video in September 2016 as Latte.

It was a video roleplay of her grooming eyebrows and her first foray into ASMR online.

In the early days of the Latte channel, Seul Gi Lee also got behind the mukbang trend.

Mukbang (which is pronounced like “mook-bong”) sees the “star” of the show eating large amounts of food while engaging with their viewers.

The trend, which began in Seul Gi Lee’s native South Korea—is a major money-spinner in Asian countries.

She posted videos eating traditional mukbang foods, like ramen and dumplings, but more often posted video content eating jelly, candy, cake, and marshmallows.

Latte ASMR may come across as a gentle, softly-spoken angel—but there is a definitive business mind hidden away under all that soothing ASMR treatment.

The South Korean millennial has monetized her YouTube channel and also invites fans and subscribers to support her on Patreon so she can make more content.

In her own words, she says: “I have a lot of plans, ideas and things that I really want to make,” but adds that she can’t afford to do it without help from her followers.

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Latte ASMR – Net Worth

She earns most of her wealth from ads that run on her YouTube channel. So far, she has more than 465 million views, meaning about $1.4 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, Korean YouTuber Latte ASMR has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Vedo (singer) Net Worth

What is Vedo’s net worth?


Vedo is an American singer who released his first full-length album in October 2015.

He rose to fame in 2013 as a contestant on the 4th season of the singing competition – ”The Voice.”


He was born on February 25, 1993, in Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA.

At age 9, he discovered his talent for singing. Vedo said that life was hard in Benton Harbor, a city in Berrien County – the state of Michigan.

In his words:

”Living in Benton Harbor there were definitely some times where it was hard being a kid because of the hardships my family endured.”

Vedo started his musical career by performing covers at open mic nights.

In 2008, Vedo moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he attended a high school located in unincorporated DeKalb County called Southwest DeKalb High School.

In 2013, Vedo first rose to public attention on the strength of his performances on – ”The Voice.”

”The Voice” is a singing competition that features 5 stages of competition:

  • live performance shows;
  • knockouts;
  • battle rounds;
  • blind auditions;
  • producers’ auditions.

The show has become a rival to ”The X Factor” and ”Rising Star.” The Voice is created on ”The Voice of Holland,” which was initially created by John de Mol, a Dutch television producer.

During an interview, he talked about his experience on the show:

“I just took everything that I had, that I accumulated as far as fans and knowledge and contacts, and I just used it to its full extent.”

He went on to say:

“I hit the ground running. I started writing more songs for a bunch of artists. I started reaching out to a bunch of people I had met.”

On ”The Voice,” American singer Usher was his coach. Vedo declared about this:

Vedo (Singer) biography
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

“Usher’s my idol. He’s an icon, man. I study him. Every song he ever came out with, if I don’t know the lyrics, I’ve heard it before.”

Vedo later added:

”I felt like he could really give me that push, teach me things I need taught. Like how to survive in this industry. How to market yourself. How to create your brand like he has done so well over the years.”

In 2014, Vedo was named Male Artist of the Year at the Georgia Music Awards.

In 2015, he signed a recording contract with Platinum Power Moves. He then said: 

“Actually, this label wanted to sign me before the show. They really had eyes on me for the past three and a half years. Back then when they wanted to sign me I just felt it wasn’t the right time to sign with anybody to be honest with you.”

The talented R&B singer continued:

”As an artist, I wanted to still work on myself first. I wanted to define myself as an artist more before I locked myself in a deal.”

On October 27th, 2015, the singer hit the road with the Sheen Team to search for the next Sheen Beauty and inspire students.

In 2016, he released the State of Mind EP.

Vedo net worth
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2017, his single “Slow” was released under his new independent label called ”New WAV Music Group.” He said about the single:

“Slow is special because it’s a record that’s getting back to respecting the woman, loving the woman but letting the woman know that I’m still the man.”

The singer later added:

”Slow is the type of record that people may sleep on it at first, but in time it’s going to sneak up on them and blow up.”

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He has a popular Youtube channel (titled – Vedo) where he’s done numerous different cover songs from some of the industry’s top artists, including:

The channel was created on Oct 3, 2010, and it has over 959K subscribers.

His most popular video is titled – ” Vedo – 4 Walls (feat. Natasha Mosley).” The video has more than 30 million views, and it was published on Nov 4, 2015.

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His mother passed away from lung cancer during his time on the TV show – ”The Voice.” The artist said:

“That meant the world, man. The doctors had advised her not to travel, because [she was undergoing] chemotherapy. But she was just like, ‘I have to go. This is my son’s first huge appearance on TV, and I really want to be there.’”

He continued:

”A lot of people don’t know, but the day she arrived from Indiana, she got really sick and ended up in the hospital. I was worried, thinking, ‘If I don’t get a chair turned, this was all for nothing.’”

In a different interview, the singer said:

“She was always there to encourage me and to let me know that everything is going to be OK.”

He also said:

”Before she passed, she told me no matter what you’re going through, you’ll always have something to come back to and that’s music.”

During an interview, he was asked about what he thinks are the cons and pros of social media. The singer responded:

”Cons: you can become fameless or famous for the wrong reasons. Pros: you can blow up overnight.” 

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VEDO – Net Worth

Vedo earned most of his wealth from ads on his YouTube channel (his YouTube channel has more than 369 million views, which means about $1 million in revenue), selling his albums, and selling tickets to his concerts.

In addition, he has an Instagram account with over 496K followers.

Therefore, Vedo has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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Jenna Lyons Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Jenna Lyons’ net worth? Is Jenna Lyons dating?


Jenna Lyons is an American businesswoman and fashion designer.

Over the years, she has developed her personal career and cemented herself as one of the most well-known figures in the modern fashion industry.

Lyons is specifically associated by many with J. Crew — an American multi-brand specialty retailer that she worked for and oversaw for a number of years.

 Lyons gained popularity for her pioneering of the “geek-chic” style, an eclectic look that was a fashion trend mainstay for a large part of the 2010s.

Her influence was far-reaching, leading to her being described at the time of her peak as the “woman who dresses America.”

Beyond her work with J. Crew, Lyons has since launched her own direct-to-consumer beauty brand named Loveseen.

The company produces luxury-made fake eyelashes that can be purchased by way of their online site.

She has also partnered with streaming site HBO Max to create the show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons.”

The show is part documentary, part competition series that revolves around fashion and beauty.

The Origin Story

what is the net worth of Jenna Lyons

Lyons was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1969 as Judith — a name she would later forego in favor of Jenna.

Only living in Boston for a few years, her family made the move to their new home in Palos Verdes, California, when she turned four.

During her early school days and throughout most of her childhood as a whole, Lyons was subject to bullying from her peers due to her condition, Incontinentia Pigmenti.

Aside from the health problems the condition caused, it created physical abnormalities such as having scarred skin, patchy hair, and malformed teeth.

While difficult to deal with, the harsh treatment she received from other children due to these physical traits is what initially led her to develop a passion for fashion and design.

She claims that being able to create her own clothes and adorn an individualistic style allowed her to be comfortable in her own skin despite outside negativity.

This newfound interest pushed her to pursue higher education at the Parson’s School of Design.

She graduated in 1990 with a degree in Fine Arts, equipped with the foundational knowledge that was necessary to transform her passion into a career.

Joining The “Crew”

Jenna Lyons Net Worth

As soon as she graduated college, Lyons was met with her first job at J. Crew, a company that she would grow quite familiar with over the next couple of decades of her life.

She began in the menswear department, where she worked as a junior designer for the sector’s creative team.

Lyons used these earlier experiences as a jumping point to work her way up the corporate ladder.

In 2003, she was promoted to the position of Vice President of Women’s Design at J. Crew.

It was during this period of time that her influence within the company, and over the American fashion industry as a whole, truly began to emerge.

She worked under the guidance and leadership of then J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler, with who she quickly developed a close working relationship with.

This gave her the confidence and connections needed to contribute to the transformation of normal operations within the company.

While the business had been struggling to maintain relevance at the time, Lyons was able to reshape their identity as a whole and point them in a new direction that was modern and intriguing.

She oversaw an overhaul of the brand’s image, revitalizing their look and feel and giving them the opportunity to expand their reach to an entirely new audience.

Her success in putting J. Crew on an upswing gave way to new promotions such as being named Creative Director in 2008 and President of the company a couple of years later in 2010.

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A New Direction

The impressive changes that Lyons was bringing to the company and the new direction that they turned to ended up causing their sales to exponentially increase during this span of time.

She pushed J. Crew beyond just being simply a fashion retailer, instead of establishing them as a trendsetter by way of publications that functioned as “style guides” and featured the clothing lines that were being released by the brand.

Editorial pieces put out by the company quickly increased and included segments such as Jenna’s Picks, a section that gave readers a look into Lyons’ unique style along with her opinions on different fashion trends.

Unfortunately, beginning in 2015, J. Crew’s sales started to dip as a whole.

Over the next two years, their financial situation would continue to degrade, ultimately leading to Lyons departing as head of the company.

Since then, Lyons has shifted her focus to several new projects.

This includes the production of her unscripted show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons,” her direct-to-consumer beauty brand Loveseen, and her position as an independent director of Shake Shack.

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For nine years, Jenna Lyons was married to her husband Vincent Mazeau, an artist and chef.

Jenna Lyons and husband Vincent Mazeau

The two lived together in New York and had a son before separating in 2011.

One year later, Lyons publicly announced that she was in a romantic relationship with a woman named Courtney Crangi.

The couple stayed together for several years before ending things in December of 2017.

Jenna Lyons and girlfriend Courtney Crangi

Jenna Lyons – Net Worth

Lyons earned most of her wealth from a number of places, including the leftover money she received from her severance payout following her leave from J. Crew, the salary she earns as the creator and star of her HBO Max show, the earnings she receives from her business Loveseen, and profits that she makes from being on the board of directors for the Shake Shack corporation.

In 2013, Lyons purchased a $6 million fixer-upper loft in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo neighborhood.

Therefore, American fashion designer Jenna Lyons has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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Molly Bloom Net Worth 2022

What is Molly Bloom’s net worth?


Molly Bloom, nicknamed ”Poker Princess,” is an American former poker entrepreneur who was arrested for hosting an illegal, high-stakes poker game that included a number of A-list celebrities.


She was born on April 21, 1978, in Loveland, Colorado, USA.

Her mother was a professional fly-fisher with her own line of clothing, while her father is a professor at Colorado State University and a clinical psychologist.

Molly has two brothers, one is a two-time Olympian, and the other is a Harvard-educated cardiothoracic surgeon. She said about her family:

“Literally if you weren’t the best in the world in my family, it wasn’t impressive.”

Bloom graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in political science.

At some point, Molly ranked third in Nor-Am Cup for women’s mogul’s skier. Bloom decided to step away from the sport since she wanted to find a new path in life.

In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles, driven to succeed. There, she found a job as a waitress, but she was fired after one day. Her boss said to her:

“We’re firing you, because you’re the worst waitress we’ve ever seen.”

Her boss went on to say:

“But, you show up early, you leave late, and you work hard. And so, I’m offering you a job as my personal assistant.”

After some time, she started to serve drinks at his private poker game.

Molly Bloom biography
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

She said:

“I was interested in playing the room. I was interested in how they functioned and how I could build a business out of it.”

Between 2005 and 2011, first in Los Angeles and later in New York, Molly began hosting games each week, hiring Playboy Playmates to serve caviar and drinks. Bloom said:

“The fact that every man was treated like James Bond only made the game a hotter ticket.”

In 2010, she was approached by the Russian Mafia, offering protection in exchange for cash. In her words:

“They approached me in NYC and wanted to partner with me. I said ‘no’ and they assaulted me.”

Bloom continued:

“They stuck a gun in my mouth. It turned out to be someone in organized crime.”

In the last months of her career running games, Bloom started to take a percentage of the pot. She acknowledged – ”That’s where I crossed that little gray line.”

Molly Bloom book
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2011, one of her poker games was shut down as part of an investigation into an illegal Ponzi scheme by the FBI.


In April 2013, she was charged over a $100m illegal gambling ring and money laundering operation. Molly said:

“I was assaulted by a mobster and it was just so stressful that finally when the Feds raided my game – it was terrifying but there was a part of me that was relieved.”

Prosecutors offered to restore Bloom’s accounts and even clear her record if she turned over the names of the people that participated in her poker games.

In May 2014, a Manhattan federal judge fined her $1,000, one year of probation, and 200 hours of community service.


In 2014, she published her memoir (”Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World”) while living at her mother’s home in Keystone, Colorado.

She wrote in the book:

“Growing up, my parents made sure we had what we needed, but it was always discount basics. All of a sudden I could buy myself whatever I wanted.”

Bloom also wrote:

“I bought a Bentley, I chartered private planes, I had a staff, a driver, and I rented $100,000 homes for summers in the Hamptons and in Malibu.”

Her memoir was released a month after she was sentenced to a year’s probation.


Molly Bloom Net Worth
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2017, a movie about Molly directed by Aaron Sorkin was released.

She was portrayed by Jessica Chastain. This film is based on her autobiographic book. Bloom said about the film:

“Sorkin wrote and directed an extraordinary film. A lot of what makes it so special is that he allowed my character to be me, to be flawed.”

The film also stars Chris O’Dowd, Brian d’Arcy James, Michael Cera, Kevin Costner, and Idris Elba. Molly recalled in an interview:

“It took me three and a half years to go from being sentenced in federal court to going to the Oscars.

Celebrities That Played In Molly’s Game

In her book, Molly named several celebrities who frequented her game, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Ben Affleck.

She wrote that DiCaprio had a “strange” poker style. “It was almost as if he wasn’t trying to win or lose.”

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Matt Damon is one of the most ”down-to-earth guys I have ever met,” says Molly.

On his first night, Rick Salomon enquired Ben Affleck about his former fianceé – ”Hey, yo, did Jennifer Lopez’s a## have cellulite on it or was it nice?” After a tense silence, Ben responded: “It was nice.”

She also wrote about Affleck – ”He would leave at a reasonable hour. He never lost a great deal. He usually won.”

Bloom said that Tobey Maguire ”was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser.”

Alex Rodriguez, former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman, was reportedly in attendance at Molly’s games. The Olsen twins were also allowed to watch games.

In a recent interview, Molly said that the celebrities who participated in her games have never reached out to her following her arrest.

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She is prohibited from entry into Canada.

Molly Bloom – Net Worth

Molly Bloom Net Worth
@Getty Images

Bloom earned most of her wealth from the poker games she organized. On a good night, Molly would make about $150,000. However, when she was arrested, the FBI took most of her money.

In a 2017 interview, Bloom said – ”I owe $250,000 to my lawyers, $125,000 restitution, and about $1 million to the IRS.”

In 2018, she said – ”I’m still in debt, I’m still upside down. But I have faith if I just keep suiting up and showing up, moving the needle forward, it’s going to be resolved.”

Bloom also makes money from selling her book (Molly’s Game: The True Story), royalties from the film, and from the motivational conferences she keeps.

In 2022, Bloom started a podcast called – “Torched.”

Therefore, American entrepreneur Molly Bloom has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Natalie Merchant Net Worth

What is Natalie Merchant’s net worth?


Natalie Merchant is an American singer, songwriter, and a former member of the alternative-rock band “10,000 Maniacs.”

She is also a solo artist with many successful albums under her belt.

The Origin Story

Natalie was born on October 26, 1963, in Jamestown, New York, United States, to Anne and Anthony Merchant.

She was raised alongside her three siblings and spent a lot of her time with her grandparents, who she grew to be very close with.

It was not by fluke or chase that Merchant became a professional musician.

In fact, she comes from a family of talented musicians. Her paternal grandfather, who she spent a lot of time with, played the mandolin, guitar, and accordion, and her mother was a self-proclaimed music buff.

When she was a child and into her teen years, she recalls her mother listening to a range of musicians, including Aretha Franklin, Al Green, The Beatles, and British singer Petula Clark.


She was a musician by heart and often encouraged her children to study music as she believed it held so much value. Her mother also loved classical music, so she would often take her children to the local classical symphony and any other band they could get tickets to.

Merchant’s career didn’t start in the music space. 

She began working in a health food store while attending high school. And during this time, she contemplated a career in special education after working at a summer camp for disabled children, but that thought quickly proved unfruitful. 

10,000 Maniacs

In 1981, she made her mother proud and pursued a career in musical entertainment. She was brought on as the lead singer for a local band that went by the name “Still Life.”

The band was doing well, and over time the member decided to change the name to “10,000 Maniacs.”

During her first year with the band, she was attending Jamestown Community College, which means she had to juggle her time between the two.

The group recorded their first album, Human Conflict Number Five, with Merchant on vocals. She spent over one decade with the group until 1993, when she announced that she was parting from her band members as she felt she had a lack of creative control over the music she sang.

“I May Know the Word”


Following Merchant’s departure, she knew that her career as a solo musician was on the horizon.

It took her only one day to write one of her first solo songs titled, “I May Know the Word,” which was considered to be part of the soundtrack for the American box office hit, Philadelphia.

The song didn’t make it to the soundtrack, but it would go on to appear on Merchant’s debut studio solo album, “Tigerlily,” which was released in 1995. But fortunately for Merchant, a different song on the album was picked up for a soundtrack.

Second Studio Album

Merchant spent the following two years promoting her album and recording a new one.

She released her second solo album, Ophelia, in 1998.

The name of the album was inspired by a literary reference to Shakespeare’s Ophelia.

Only two years later, Merchant embarked on a folk tour in the United States with many shows being accompanied by the American band “Wilco.”


In 2001, she released her third studio album, “Motherland.”

The album was her best yet and went on to achieve Gold on the Billboard charts.

This happened after the album debuted at No. 30 on the Billboard 200 as well as  No. 13 on the Top Internet Albums of 2001.

In addition to her Billboard success, Rolling Stone magazine gave her album 3.5 stars and commented on the difference in her voice. They referenced it as much deeper and gritty when compared to all her previous musical work.

The album tour commenced in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 17, 2001, and she toured the entire United States.

She also toured Europe since her popularity grew beyond American borders.

For the next 17 years, Merchant went on to write, produce, and release many more albums, including “The House Carpenter’s Daughter” in 2003, “Leave Your Sleep” in 2010, “Natalie Merchant” in 2014, “Paradise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings” in 2015, and “Butterfly” in 2017.

Butterfly was the last album she released before she went on to leave the professional music scene.

Most of her albums were a great success which gave her the opportunity to participate in many more American and European tours and collaborate with many other artists.

She is not currently recording any music as far as she lets out to the public.


In terms of her personal life, Merchant began dating Michael Stipe of the band R.E.M. in 1983 and started dating.

Natalie Merchant and boyfriend Michael Stipe

They regularly collaborated and co-wrote many songs.

They have both publicly thanked and credited each other for aiding in the writing of some of their respective hit songs.

Stipe mentioned in interviews that Natalie was the reason his work became politicized in the late eighties.

Her ideologies played a big role in the meanings behind a few of his songs.

The relationship eventually ended, but the two remained friends.

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In 2003, Natalie Merchant married her now-husband, Daniel de la Calle.

Natalie and Daniel share a daughter, Lucia (b. in 2003).

The couple quietly split, and Merchant went public with the news in 2012.

Natalie Merchant – Net Worth

Merchant earned most of her wealth from selling copies of the albums released with 10,000 Maniacs, solo albums, ads on YouTube, and concerts. Natalie sold over 6.7 million albums.

Therefore, Natalie Merchant has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Naoko Takeuchi Net Worth | Husband & Sailor Moon

What is Naoko Takeuchi’s net worth? Who is Naoko Takeuchi’s husband?


Naoko Takeuchi is a Japanese manga artist who is best known for her work on the popular Codename: Sailor V and Sailor Moon manga series.

Her work, Sailor Moon, rose to become one of the most recognized anime and manga products to date.


Takeuchi was born on March 15, 1967, in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan.

She has a younger brother named – Shing. Her parents are named Ikuko and Kenji.

Naoko said about her childhood:

”When I was in kindergarten, I had three cousins, all sisters, who lived next door who used to always show me their manga.”

Takeuchi graduated from Kofu Ichi High School.

During high school, she was in the school’s astronomy and manga clubs. She said:

”During class in elementary, junior high, and high school, I was a poet writing poems in my notebook.”

Naoko went on to say:

”I was even able to write lyrics I dreamed.”

At age 17, she produced her first works, titled – “My Boyfriend is No Sugar” and “Kare wa No Sugar.”

She earned a degree in Chemistry specializing in medical electronics and ultrasound from the Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy.

During college, Takeuchi served as a miko (temple maiden) at the Shiba Daijingu Shrine.

She also published “Love Call” manga during college. The manga won the Nakayoshi Comic Prize for NewComers.

Following college, Naoko worked for 6 months at Keio University Hospital.

In 1991, Takeuchi created “Codename: Sailor V,” a manga series that revolves around Minako Aino, a cheerful school girl who discovers that she has magical powers.

Sailor Moon

In 1991, she released Sailor Moon manga, which became an instant hit.

The manga is about Sailor Moon, a girl who fights evil using magical makeup and accessories.

Since its debut, Sailor Moon has launched a multibillion-dollar franchise, including stage musicals, cafes, video games, art books, merchandise, TV series, and animated movies.

It also sold more than 35 million copies worldwide.

Sailor Moon manga series was adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation.

The franchise has generated more than $13 billion in worldwide merchandise sales.

In 1993, Takeuchi received the Kodansha Manga Award for Sailor Moon.

On August 13, 1998, she made her first appearance in the US at the San Diego Comic-Con International convention.

In 2003, Naoko became heavily involved in the production of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a Japanese tokusatsu TV series based on the Sailor Moon manga. The series lasted 49 episodes.

From 2014 to 2016, she was involved with the animated series Sailor Moon Crystal.


On January 6, 1999, Naoko married Yoshihiro Togashi, a Japanese manga artist who is the creator of the Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho series.

The two collaborated on a children’s book titled ”Oobo— Nu— Tochiibo— Nu—.” The book was actually a birthday present for her son.

Naoko and Yoshihiro first met in August 1997 during a party hosted by Kazushi Hagiwara, a Japanese manga artist who is best known for creating a manga named – ”Bastard!!.”


Yoshihiro and Naoko have two children together, a daughter and a son.


”The true measure of the justice of a system is the amount of protection it guarantees to the weakest.”

”Remember, many diseases can be cured with the power of the mind!”

”Always this man gives me strength.”

”I really wanted to write a story with a sexy girl, a good-looking guy, some romance, video games, and cute school uniforms!”

“Girls have to be strong to protect the men they love.”

”I think the most important feeling in the world is friendship.”

”Love is essential in every manga I write.”

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Her favorite car is a Ferrari F512M, a car that was first launched in 1994.

Much of her manga work is based on aspects of her life.

Naoko usually draws her editor Fumio Osano as a pig, her son as a puppy, her husband as a dog, and herself as a human with rabbit ears or as a little bunny.

As a child, Takeuchi liked reading the shojo manga. Some of her favorite titles were Glass Mask, Candy Candy, and The Rose of Versailles.

The fact that she has a degree in chemistry is the reason why many Sailor Moon manga series characters are named after gemstones and minerals.

Her hobbies include shopping for designer clothes, collecting antiques, and dancing.

Other famous Japanese manga artists are:

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Naoko Takeuchi – Net Worth

Takeuchi earned most of her wealth from her popular manga series – ”Sailor Moon,” which sold over 35 million copies and generated over $13 billion in merchandise sales. She also has a studio called “Princess Naoko Planning.”

Therefore, Naoko Takeuchi has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Eiichiro Oda Net Worth | Wife

What is Eiichiro Oda’s net worth? Who is Eiichiro Oda’s wife?


Eiichiro Oda is a mangaka who is best known for his long-running series One Piece.

Oda has won numerous awards for his work, and he is consistently ranked as one of the top manga artists in Japan.


He was born on January 1, 1975, in Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

Oda began his career as an assistant to another manga artist before debuting with his own series, Wanted!, in 1992.

One Piece

In 1997, he began releasing the One Piece manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump manga.

The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates. They explore the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece.”


In 1999, One Piece spawned a long-running television by Toei Animation.

In 2016, Eiichiro said that he had finished around 65 percent of the manga.

In September 2019, Oda said he “wants to end [the One Piece story] in five years.” 

In 2012, One Piece won the 41st Japan Cartoonist Awards.

In 2013, Oda was hospitalized for a complication of tonsillitis — the peritonsillar abscess. He went on hiatus for two issues.

In 2014, he took another two-week break for a tonsil operation. “The surgery I’m having this time will take out the tonsils,” Eiichiro explained at the time. He added: “Which really hindered my work.”

In 2020, Oda created artwork for Gucci’s collection.


In early January 2021, chapter 1,000 of the One Piece manga was published in Shonen Jump.

In June 2022, Eiichiro announced that he would be taking a month-long break for one “final saga.”


In 2017, it was announced that “One Piece” will become a live-action TV series. It is being produced by Tomorrow Studios and it will be available on Netflix.

The live-action show will star Taz Skylar as Sanji, Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro, Emily Rudd as Nami, and Iñaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy. “We decided on this cast after numerous discussion involving people around the world,” Eiichiro declared.

In September 2021, Netflix unveiled the script for the first episode.


In 2004, Eiichiro Oda married Chiaki Inaba, a former Japanese model.

The two met while she was cosplaying as Nami for a One Piece stage show. 

The couple has two daughters. 

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Eiichiro Oda – Net Worth

Oda earned most of his wealth from creating the manga series, One Piece.

Oda’s dynamic artwork and engaging storytelling have made One Piece one of the most popular manga of all time.

At the time of writing, the manga has over 500 million copies in print worldwide. The manga series has more than 30 million copies sold in France alone.

In 2015, it set the Guinness World Record for copies printed for the same comic series by a single author. “I feel like this record number has the possibility to bring the same number of people together,” Oda said at the time.

Additionally, One Piece has been adapted into a hugely successful anime series and has also spawned several video games and movies.

Several art books for the One Piece series have been released, including – One Piece: Shark, Eagle, and One Piece: Color Walk.

Overall, One Piece generated over $21 billion in revenue across its various pieces of merchandise, video games, films, and mangas.

In 2018, Eiichiro donated a significant amount — $8 million for Kumamoto earthquake relief. In 2016, one of the earthquakes had a peak seismic intensity of 7. In total, the two earthquakes killed 50 people.

Therefore, Eiichiro Oda has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

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