Steve Huffman Net Worth 2022

What is Steve Huffman’s net worth?


Steve Huffman is the co-founder and CEO of Reddit and the co-founder of the website Hipmunk.


He was born on November 12, 1983, in Lansing, Michigan, USA.

Huffman began programming computers at age 8.

Steve went to Wakefield School in The Plains.

In 2005, Steve graduated from the University of Virginia.


In June 2005, Huffman founded Reddit with his college roommate, Alexis Ohanian — the husband of Serena Williams. The team expanded to include Christopher Slowe in November 2005. 

Note – Reddit, the self-described “front page of the internet,” is a social media website that allows users to share news and content or vote on content that other users have submitted. It currently ranks as the 18th-most-visited website in the world.

Initially, Steve and Alexis pitched their first start-up to Y Combinator. They received $100k.

Steve coded the entire site in Lisp, the second-oldest high-level programming language in widespread use today.

”For those of you who don’t know me, I founded Reddit ten years ago with my college roommate Alexis, aka kn0thing,” Huffman said in a Reddit AMA. He added: ”Since then, Reddit has grown far larger than my wildest dreams.”

In early 2006, Reddit merged with Aaron Swartz’s company Infogami.

In October 2006, Reddit was purchased for an estimated $20 million by Conde Nast. At the time, Reddit received about 700,000 page views per day.

”Halloween is always a surreal holiday for me because, on Halloween 2006, we sold @reddit to Conde Nast,” Alexis Ohanian tweeted in 2020.

what is the net worth of Steve Huffman

Swartz was fired for an undisclosed reason in January 2007.

”I wish I still owned Reddit now and owned it for the last four or five years,” Steve said in 2010.

Huffman remained the acting CEO of Reddit until 2009.

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In June 2010, Steve co-founded the airfare search-engine website Hipmunk with Adam Goldstein.

Like Reddit, Hipmunk is also a Y Combinator startup.

”We spent a disproportionate amount of time on building that interface,” Adam explained for CNN. He went on to say: ”Helping users find the right flight in the least amount of time is what informs every decision.”

”At Hipmunk, we’re doing travel search,” Huffman told Dropbox in September 2018. ”Convincing people to sling plane tickets, with the exception of their CEO.”

In 2011, Huffman was named to the “30 Under 30” list of Forbes magazine.

Return to Reddit

Steve Huffman Net Worth

In 2015, Huffman returned to Reddit as CEO. Some of the first changes Steve did include:

  • stronger infrastructure;
  • a new content policy for the site that would effectively ban harassment, illegal activity, and spam;
  • better mobile experience.

”We cannot turn a blind eye to it like we have in the past,” Huffman said for New York Times. ”Our responsibility is to our community so they can express themselves on Reddit.”

In May 2019, he joined the Board of Directors of Bishop Fox, the largest private professional services firm focused on offensive security testing, 

”I’ve had the opportunity to scale companies through multiple rounds of venture capital funding and am excited to help Bishop Fox through its next phase of development,” Steve said in a press release.

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There is no information about Steve Huffman’s current romantic relationship. However, he married in 2009 but is now divorced.


”I consider myself a troll at heart.”

”I don’t remember praying for patients, but I’m glad God put amazing people in my life to help me through life’s tests!”

”We know your dark secrets. We know everything.”

”I don’t think we should silence people just because their viewpoints are something we disagree with.”

”The times of my life where I’ve been the most productive are when the pressure is the greatest.”

”Somebody expressing ideas that aren’t consistent with everybody’s views is something that we encourage.”

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His Reddit username is ”spez.”

Steve Huffman – Net Worth

Huffman earned most of his wealth from co-founding Reddit and Hipmunk.

Reddit was sold in 2006 for a reported $20 million.

Since 2015, Huffman serves as the CEO of Reddit. His salary was not released to the public, but the average annual salary at Reddit is around $124k.

In February 2019, Reddit was valued at $3 billion. In February 2021, it rose to $6 billion.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Steve Huffman has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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Bjarke Ingels Net Worth | Wife

What is Bjarke Ingels’ net worth? Is Bjarke Ingels married?


Bjarke Ingels is a Danish architect who is best known as the founder of the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

His designs are known for their sustainability and sociological philosophy, balancing both the practical and the playful sides of a project.


He was born in 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

His mother was a dentist, while his father was an engineer.

Ingels studied at the Technica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona.

In 1998, he started to work for Rem Koolhaas at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam.


In 2001, Ingels and Julien de Smedt started a company based in Copenhagen called – PLOT.

They completed a sailing club and a youth house at Sundby Harbour, Copenhagen.

In 2003, the company completed a 27,000 sq ft (2,500 m2) series of five open-air swimming pools on the Copenhagen Harbour front.

During an interview, Ingels said:

”For me, architecture is the means, not the end. It’s a means of making different life forms possible.”

In 2004, Bjarke received a Golden Lion award at the Biennale in Venice for his Stavanger Concert House.

In 2005, PLOT was disbanded.

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Bjarke Ingels biography
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2006, he founded BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), one of the world’s most advanced studios operating within the fields of development, research, urbanism, and architecture.

In 2007, Bjarke exhibited at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC.

In 2009, he received the ULI Award for Excellence. In the same year, Bjarke designed the new National Library of Kazakhstan in Astana.

Also in 2009, Ingels co-founded KiBiSi, a design consultancy company. In 2010, KiBiSi designed the furniture for Ingels’ Danish Pavilion at EXPO.

Later that year, Fast Company magazine included Bjarke in its list of the 100 most creative people.

BIG opened a branch office in New York City in 2010.

In 2011, Ingels received the Danish Crown Prince’s Culture Prize. In the same year, the Wall Street Journal named Ingels The Innovator of the Year.

In 2011, his company won a competition to design the roof of the Amagerforbrænding industrial building.

Bjarke Ingels book
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2014, Bjarke released a video named – ”Worldcraft” as part of the Future of StoryTelling. During the video, Ingels said:

“Architecture must become Worldcraft, the craft of making our world, where our knowledge and technology doesn’t limit us but rather enables us to turn surreal dreams into inhabitable space.”

In 2015, BIG moved its US headquarters near Wall Street. The company also grew to a staff of 400 people.

BIG also added several new partners – Jakob Sand and Brian Yang in Copenhagen and Daniel Sundlin and Beat Schenk in New York.

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In 2015, Bjarke started to work on a new headquarters for Google in Mountain View, California.

2 World Trade

In 2015. BIG snagged the 2 World Trade Center project. He said about his new project for Business Insider:

“The design [of 2 World Trade] looks like a vertical village of city blocks stacked on top of each other with gradual overhangs that, as each building block gets thinner, the overhang becomes longer.” 

He also said that James Murdoch, the CEO of 21st Century Fox, told him “he didn’t want to build a tower.”

In 2016, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by TIME Magazine.

Later that year, Ingels was a keynote speaker at the leadership conference Aarhus Symposium.

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LEGO House

Bjarke Ingels net worth
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images

In 2017, BIG designed the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. It is constructed from 21 staggered blocks that resemble LEGO bricks. 

During an interview, Bjarke declared about the LEGO House:

“We have finally graduated as Danish architects.”

Ingels went on to say:

”We have made a brick building – without breaking the brick module in a single place.”

In 2018, he was named Chief Architect at WeWork.

In the same year, Ingels received the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Dannebrog.

In 2019, BIG completed its first public school project in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

The school is named – ”The Heights Building.” According to the Architectural Digest, the building merges two existing secondary schools under one roof to accommodate up to 775 students.

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On November 7, 2009, Ingels released his first book – ”Yes is More: An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution.”

The book uses the comic book format to detail its agenda for contemporary architecture.


BIG Time documentary was released on May 3, 2017. It shows the Danish architect flying back and forth between Copenhagen and New York and working on amazing projects in both places.

In addition, he appeared in a documentary film by Kaspar Astrup Schröder, titled – ”My Playground.”

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Bjarke Ingels is not married.

In 2016, Bjarke Ingels started to date Spanish architect Ruth Otero.

Bjarke Ingels with his girlfriend Ruth Otero
Image source – © Guliver / Getty Images


He has one child named – Darwin Otero Ingels.

TED Talk

In 2019, he delivered a TED Talk focusing on floating cities.

In another TED talk, Bjarke discussed the viability of building on Mars.

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”What changes over time is the naivety fades away, but it is replaced by another kind of confidence that will make you better at seizing the moment.”

”Great buildings blatantly express their true essence to the world.”

”Buildings should respond to the local environment and climate in a sort of conversation to make it habitable for human life.”

”I really see the role of architecture and of architects to be completely involved with the rest of society.”

”It’s easy to overinterpret and see life as your own personal movie with yourself as the star of it.”

”Architects have to become designers of eco-systems.”

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He currently works on over 50 projects around the world.

His website address is

Ingels starred in one episode of Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design.

Some of BIG’s built projects include:

  • Business Innovation Hub, Amherst;
  • Mountain Dwellings;
  • Danish National Maritime Museum;
  • Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium;
  • Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art;
  • VM Houses;
  • Sjakket Community Building;
  • Psychiatric Hospital;
  • the Danish Pavilion;
  • Copenhagen Harbour Baths.

BIG hired a former SpaceX rocket scientist, Scott Moon, to work on a hyperloop connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as on various Mars exploration projects.

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Bjarke Ingels – Net Worth

Ingels earned most of his wealth from co-founding the company PLOT and founding the company BIG.

Therefore, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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Amy Lawrence Net Worth & Salary

What are Amy Lawrence’s net worth and salary?


Amy Lawrence is an American sports broadcaster who worked for ESPN Radio.

She is best known for being the host of ”After Hours with Amy Lawrence,” a late-night show on CBS Sports Radio.


She was born on April 7, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Lawrence grew up in New Hampshire with her brother.

Amy has a master’s degree from Syracuse University and completed her undergraduate studies at Messiah College (a private Christian college).

Her first job was in Rochester. In her words:

”When I secured my first “real” job in Rochester, New York, I frequently drove east to get back home or west and south to visit Grandma in Ohio.”

Lawrence later added:

”We didn’t have a lot of money, and I certainly wasn’t earning much in local radio, so my first four vehicles were all hand-me-downs.”

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ESPN Radio

Amy spent 9 years at ESPN Radio (a flagship station that features the top national sports hosts from The World Wide Leader in sports), where she was also the first female in Oklahoma history to lead her own sports radio talk show. Interestingly, Amy was the only regular female host.

She said about her experience at ESPN Radio:

“I still felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb and that I was alone many times.”

In a different interview, Lawrence said:

”The locker room atmosphere meant constant jokes about sex and stories about sex.”

Amy continued:

”While they didn’t necessarily offend me, hearing them from a bunch of men when I was the only woman often made me uncomfortable.”

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CBS Sports Radio

On January 1, 2013, Amy started working for CBS Sports Radio, a sports radio network that is distributed by Westwood One and operated by Entercom.

She is the current host of CBS Sports Radio’s late-night program called “After Hours with Amy Lawrence.” She said:

“I’ve been with CBS since January 1st of 2013, and I haven’t met another Christian in the workplace.”

The show can be heard weekdays from 2:00 – 6:00 AM ET across the entire United States on the nation’s largest 24/7 major-market radio network.

In 2015, Talkers Magazine (a trade-industry publication related to talk radio in the US) named Lawrence the only woman in its list of the 100 Most Important Sports Talk Radio Hosts in the United States.


Amy is 5′ 4″ (1.63 meters) tall.

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”If you think multiple girlfriends in the same home is a good idea, then I can’t help you. But did Le’Veon never think to lock up the jewelry??? Hahaha. I’m trying to be sympathetic, but so far, I’m coming up short.”

”Meet someone for the first time and promptly spill water all over the table and all over me. Do I know how to make a first impression or what?”

”For better or worse, an athlete’s career may be remembered by one iconic or infamous moment. It’s the power of sports.”

”For me, my home is my haven. It’s my retreat from the world and the pressures of being a semi-public figure and hosting a national radio show. It’s where I find peace and calm and rest.”

”Mom was tired of serving as a taxi driver for me and my brother, so she instantly handed over the keys when I obtained my license. And I was immediately in LOVE!”

”The older I get, the more I realize that people are the only thing that matters in this life. Family, friends, acquaintances, strangers–there’s nothing more important than the people with whom we cross paths, whether it’s for years or only for a moment.”

”You’ll never catch me acting like my sports radio show is important. Entertaining, fun, goofy, informational, divergent, and energetic? Most of the time. But important? No.”

”I believe sports are a microcosm for real life.”

”I ignore the comments that I should “stick to sports.”

”What are the keys to change for a league that apologized for not supporting its players?”

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Amy is at the forefront of sports radio, not only due to her amazing abilities behind the microphone but also to the fact that she is one of the only women to host a daily talk show at a national level.

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Amy Lawrence – Net Worth & Salary

Lawrence earned most of her wealth from working at ESPN Radio and CBS Sports Radio.

Her salary was not revealed to the public, but a radio host has an average salary of $75,000 per year. 

In addition, Amy runs a blog of her own (Play by Play Day by Day with Amy Lawrence).

Therefore, American sportscaster Amy Lawrence has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Is Internet Superstar PewDiePie Actually Vegan?

Is PewDiePie vegan?


Unless you’ve been hiding under the nearest rock, you have probably heard of internet sensation Pewdiepie.

A world-famous YouTuber with over 50 million subscribers, Pewdiepie is known for his live-streamed gaming videos, comedic commentary on life and current events, and his ever-increasingly-absurd pranks.

Yet, when it comes to getting to the man behind the vlog camera, there is one question that has always been on people’s minds: Is Pewdiepie Vegan?

Let’s take a closer look at why people are so interested in Pewdiepie’s dietary habits and the events that occurred to lead to this interesting query.

Who Is Pewdiepie?

Is Pewdiepie Actually Vegan

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his internet alias Pewdiepie has been a YouTube celebrity since 2010.

Originally from Sweden, Felix began uploading videos of himself playing video games in order to share them with the world and improve his skills as a player.

Pewdiepie continued to grow in fame as he began to upload other types of videos, including ones in which he would comment on the latest video games and share his thoughts.

However, it wasn’t until late 2012 that Pewdiepie began to take off as a YouTube celebrity- with people tuning into his channel for more than just gaming-related content.

Pewdiepie’s popularity was so impressive that brands and companies began to take notice.

In 2013, Pewdiepie began partnering with companies for sponsored videos, leading the way for YouTube stars to become mega-millionaires.

In 2014, Pewdiepie partnered with the American fast-food chain Wendy’s on a video that was viewed over 14 million times and led to him receiving free chicken nuggets from them for life.

No Stranger To Confusion & Controversy

Is Pewdiepie Vegan

Pewdiepie is no stranger to controversy, with his prank-turned-scandals that have landed him in hot water over the years.

His quirky sense of humor and celebrity-style personal life have often found their way into his videos.

While Pewdiepie has had his share of infamous moments, one question that often arises is related to his eating habits.

The question of Pewdiepie’s being vegan may have arisen following his marriage to his wife Marzia, who is a vegetarian herself.

Many times, those who marry someone who is vegan or vegetarian join them in their health journey.

Marzia also hosts her own YouTube channel, where she would often showcase her latest favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes.

Her marriage to Pewdiepie gave rise to speculation that he was going to join her in her lifestyle.

Another reason fans wondered about his diet was related to comments Pewdiepie made about refraining from eating pork after his revelation that pigs were indeed intelligent during a 2016 stream of the game Inside.

However, during a live stream in 2017, Pewdiepie addressed the questions head-on, telling fans that he wasn’t vegan or vegetarian but did not eat meat and preferred to stick to fish.

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But What About That Twitter Bio?

One of the reasons that people came to believe that Pewdiepie was vegan or vegetarian was because of his Twitter bio, which once stated the star was “swedish, vegan, Minecraft, csgo lotto CEO.”

That biography raised eyebrows but may have, in fact, just been yet another Pewdiepie troll of the internet.

In fact, many fans believe that this short-lived Twitter bio was the result of an online beef with vegan vlogger Sorsha, who once referred to Pewdiepie as “the dumbest YouTuber” due to his lack of a “core message” that he shared with his fans.

In response, Pewdiepie gave his subscribers a simple message in a video in which the star mocked Sorsha and spoke out about the amount of charity he had raised in support of both animals and people.

In that video, Pewdiepie gave a stark response to Sorsha’s accusations:

“This is why no one will take vegans seriously…because one bats–t crazy person comes out and says stuff like this, and everyone else just gets discredited.”

Fortunately, since that vegan-inspired “beef” between the two bloggers, both have enjoyed massive success on their own channels.

This continues to show that many subscribers are much more interested in seeing the response that certain questions may illicit – rather than seeing their particular questions answered!

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Pewdiepie Isn’t Vegan – But Don’t Let That Stop You!

As you can see, even though Pewdiepie is married to a vegetarian, the YouTube star himself may not be vegan himself.

Perhaps the world will never know the truth behind Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, but he may like it better that way!

Pewdiepie has been able to raise interest in becoming vegetarian or vegan – a choice that many think is too hard for them to make.

However, there are plenty of online resources to help you discover the benefits of going vegan or vegetarian and how you can begin living a vegan life in practical everyday ways.

The benefit that it can bring to you and the environment may be worth your research!

You can follow Pewdiepie online at his various channels to keep up with the latest from this YouTube mega-star and find out what other crazy questions his antics are raising.

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Grant Hughes Net Worth

What is Grant Hughes’ net worth?


Grant Hughes is an American businessman and the founder of the US healthcare company FocusMotion.

He has also held several high-profile roles at different companies and gives back to his community via a range of charitable projects.

He is best known in the public eye for being the fiancé of actress Sophia Bush after the pair got engaged in 2021.

Away from his professional life, Hughes is a marathon runner and is involved in numerous social projects in California.

The Origin Story

Hughes is an American businessman and entrepreneur, but he only became well-known when he started dating actress Sophia Bush in 2020.

But of course, Hughes had a life before Sophia, and it’s one that is exceptionally well lived! 

Away from his busy professional life, Hughes launched his own book club in Venice Beach and invited friends and residents to join him.

His social book club is called the vbcla, and it encourages people to share their thoughts and experiences of various works of fiction.

He has also launched a California wine club – After School Wine Club – such is his passion for interacting with like-minded individuals.

He’s also a dog dad to Maggie, who has her own Instagram page.

Grant Hughes Net Worth

Hughes has completed several marathons and triathlons, including the 2018 LA Marathon.

From his Instagram account, it’s also evident that Hughes loves to travel, as he has uploaded snaps of himself and Sophia in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

The pair got engaged during a trip to Italy.

Grant and Sophia regularly appear on one another’s Instagram accounts together and share a passion for contributing to their communities and making the world a better place.

Many of their posts raise awareness of their community work, while others document their various travels around the world.

Update – Grant Hughes and Sophia Bush married in June 2022.

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Grant Hughes – Net Worth

Grant Hughes entered the public eye when he started dating Chicago PD actress Sophia Bush.

The pair got engaged in early 2021 following a few years of casual dating.

And while Hughes has only recently entered the public limelight, he has forged an incredibly successful career for himself. 

He’s been working in the tech and healthcare space for most of his career, and his extensive educational background has enabled him to launch a successful company and hold a range of high-profile roles.

His intelligence is exemplified by the fact that he has three master’s degrees – one in education, one in business, and one in environmental psychology.

He has put his educational attainment to good use and is an entrepreneur.

Grant Hughes Net Worth

He is the co-founder of FocusMotion, a Los Angeles-based company operating within the healthcare space. 

His company combines tech and recovery solutions to offer holistic healthcare solutions, and the growth of FocusMotion has enabled Hughes to add considerably to his net worth.

The company’s success comes from the fact that it makes the process of securing healthcare much easier for people, which is undoubtedly something that so many people can benefit from.

What’s more, Hughes has also worked as Chief Strategy Officer at Design+Business in Detroit, in addition to other high-profile positions at multinational firms.

Through his range of professional roles, Hughes has earned money thanks to salary packages but has also benefited from the ongoing success of FocusMotion in his capacity as founder of the company. 

Hughes also holds three patents – a system and a method for identifying and interpreting repetitive motion, a system and method for monitoring movements of a user, and a system and a method for a motion-tracking device.

His patents are central to the success of FocusMotion and have helped the company grow and evolve within the healthcare industry.

It’s evident from his successful career and entrepreneurial pursuits that Grant Hughes attained significant wealth before beginning a relationship with actress Sophia Bush.

But he’s not only interested in making money, as he is a passionate activist and is involved in various community projects.

Grant Hughes Net Worth

For instance, in 2019, he and his friends threw a big party for homeless people living in and around Skid Row.

Along with other volunteers, Hughes provided eye exams, a warm meal, medical and legal services, foot washing, haircuts, and free clothes. 

It’s clear from his charitable endeavors over the years that Hughes is passionate about giving back to his community, and it’s something that really stands him apart.

It’s great to see prominent people within the public eye making a valuable contribution to the world around them, and the actions of both Grant and Sophia have hopefully inspired many other people to volunteer their time for worthy causes in their communities.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Grant Hughes has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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Krystal Ball Net Worth

What is Krystal Ball’s net worth?


Krystal Ball is a multi-talented American political commentator, certified public accountant, news show host, founder & co-presenter of YouTube’s popular channel, Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar.

She is the author of two top-rated books, runs a political action committee (PAC), and is a Senior Fellow at the New Leaders Council.

Ball is a constituent of the Democratic Party, but she is known for her criticism of the party and speaks about America’s social, political, and economic issues.

The Origin Story

Krystal was born on November 24, 1981, in King George County, United States.

She and her two sisters were raised by their father, Edward, a psychiatrist, and their mother, Rose Marie, a school teacher.

She grew up as an academically inclined student and was always at the top percentile of her class.

Krystal Ball age

Upon graduating from King George High School, she attended Clemson University before transferring to the University of Virginia. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Following her graduation, she landed her first accounting job at CGI Group, spending a few years there until she resigned. Krystal had an entrepreneurial side to her that she wanted to pursue.

She decided to become business partners with her husband, specializing in designing educational software.

Moreover, she was very passionate about writing and political commentating and was eager to find her voice in the public domain.

In 2012, she created a website centered around bringing awareness to the need to boycott advertisers on The Rush Limbaugh Show due to inflammatory comments the host made about Sandra Fluke, a prominent American lawyer and women’s rights activist.

Krystal succeeded in her push, and as of March 2, 2012, it was confirmed that over 50 advertisers severed all relationships with the show.

U.S. House of Representatives

Krystal Ball biography

In 2010, Krystal ran as a Liberal representative of Virginia’s 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Although she had a highly funded and promising campaign, she lost to her Republican opponent.

Her campaign was centered around education reform and the push for more regulation on political lobbying.

By the end of her congressional run, she built a name for herself and received requests to appear on major news outlets, including CNN, Fox News, and CNBC.

Correspondingly, Ball was hired with MSNBC, where she hosted the show “The Cycle,” touching on political, social, and economic issues. In addition, she was a regular columnist for HuffPost. 

Krystal went from serving as a certified public accountant, transitioning into a successful political commentator, writer, and cable news show host in only a few short years.


In 2015, Krystal began writing her first book that would bring to light the importance of the Democratic Party returning to its New Deal roots and explore what went wrong with the party in the previous three decades.

Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World was published by Pelican Media and was officially released on April 3, 2017.

Krystal wasn’t done here; in fact, she was only getting started.

In 2017, she created the People’s House Project. 



In 2018, she started to co-host the daily show, Rising, with Buck Sexton, who was later replaced with Saagar Enjeti.

While Saagar identifies with a moderate Conservative view that naturally contrasts with Krystal’s, they formed a cohesive relationship where they cover topics constructively and express viewpoints from both sides of the political spectrum.

Shortly after taking on this role, Krystal began working on her second book, co-authored by her co-host, Saagar. The Populist’s Guide to 2020 was published by Strong Arm Press and released on February 8, 2020.


On January 1, 2021, she branched into the podcast space, partnering with political commentator Kyle Kulinski.

Krystal Kyle & Friends covers political and social commentary and often includes politicians and other influential commentators as guests.

The show doesn’t lean in any particular direction and attempts to keep an open mind with the types of guests they invite.

Thus far, high-profile guests including Russell Brand, Andrew Yang, Rose McGowan, and Glenn Greenwald have drawn in thousands of listeners.

In 2021, Krystal and Saagar decided to pursue their own news channel where they had more flexibility and freedom to cover the topics they wanted and could express their organic viewpoints without forced bias.

In June 2021, Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar went live on YouTube and immediately accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The appealing aspect of their show is their contrasting viewpoints, which brings in viewers of contrasting political ideologies.

Breaking Points has gone on to do so well in such a short amount of time that Krystal and Saagar are often featured on other high-profile podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Real Time with Bill Maher. Furthermore, many of their YouTube videos are referenced in high-profile news channels, as they are considered an authoritative source for American political, social, and economic information.

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In addition to Krystal’s busy lifestyle, she is also a married woman with three children.

Krystal Ball and her husband

She is married to venture capitalist attorney and entrepreneur Jonathan Dariyanani.

Krystal Ball – Net Worth

A large proportion of her income is derived from her popular YouTube channel, her career as an accountant, author, and cable news show host.

Therefore, American political commentator Krystal Ball has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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Sean Evans Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Sean Evans’ net worth? Who is Sean Evans’ girlfriend?


Sean Evans is a web series host, interviewer, producer, and presenter of the ultra-popular celebrity series Hot Ones.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.

The show invites the biggest names in show business to sit and eat ridiculously hot wings—and other spicy foods—while they shoot the breeze with Evans.

The goal is to work their way through a series of progressively hotter foods.

If they can get through the super hot offerings, they can promote their latest project—a movie, an album, a designer clothing label, or a TV show. Whatever it is, they’ve earned it when they down some of the things Evan comes up with.

Evans also once worked as a copywriter. Here’s what else we know about the charismatic entertainer with an irreverent attitude to celebrity and fame.

The Origin Story

Sean Evans was born on April 26, 1986, in Evanston—a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

His parents are Michael and Donna Evans.

He grew up in the Windy City with his brother Gavin, and the pair attended Crystal Lake Central High School.

Evans played baseball and football in high school, going to the state finals with the CLC baseball team.

Evans grew up around spicy food, and his family was all foodies, so he developed a tolerance for hot peppers early on.

The tolerance would come in useful later on.

what is the net worth of Sean Evans

When Evans graduated from high school he enrolled at the University of Illinois—where his college professor suggested he should become a weatherman.

He got a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism at the Urbana-Champaign campus in 2008.

Fresh out of the University of Illinois, Evans headed off to work as a copywriter with the Chicago tourism board, not venturing too far from home.

He spent a few years there before going to work in New Orleans at Complex Magazine.

Initially, he did freelance writing, and eventually, Evans worked his way up to interviewing world-famous celebrities like NBA superstar Steph Curry and rapper 2Chainz.

The gig at Complex was a good one—and Evans was good at it.

The publication reached out to him with a full-time offer, this time in New York City.

Sean jumped at the chance, and moved to the Big Apple.

Hot Ones

The idea for Hot Ones came up in 2014.

Evans, who was being pushed—as most of the mainstream media were—towards online video platforms, was feeling the pressure.

First We Feast had won some awards—including more than one James Beard—but they didn’t have much to offer on the video front.

Evans and Chris Schonberger, the showrunner at First We Feast, didn’t want to do a celebrity interview show.

Sean Evans Net Worth Hot Ones

It’s boring, the pair agreed. But like it or not, the public loves to watch celebrity interview shows, so Evans and Schonberger needed to come up with something.

How could they make the interview process less boring?

Evans had an idea…but he wasn’t sure if it was a good one.

He suggested a show where you make celebrities eat “violently hot chicken wings.”

Former G-Unit rap star Tony Yayo owed Evans a favor, so Sean ran the idea passed him, too.

Yayo was up for it, since the premise sounded funny, so they did a test episode.

Hot Ones first episode—back in 2015—was a major hit. Now, 200 episodes and 15 seasons later, it’s still going strong.

Celebrities who have featured on the show have included:

In 2020, the spinoff show—Hot Ones: The Game Show—was launched on TruTV.

In 2021, Evans got a much-needed boost of excitement when Mikey Day impersonated him and an episode of Hot Ones, featuring a pretend Beyonce (played by Maya Rudolph).

In the skit, fake Beyonce couldn’t handle the hot wings, and called fake Evans a “bald bitch.”

Evans loved everything about the skit, and says he was “dying laughing” over it.

He said in an interview later that Hot Ones being a part of the SNL story is something really special to him, and he’ll remember it forever.

Ones To Watch For

Every one of Hot Ones 200+ episodes has die-hard fans, but there are a few that stand out to Sean Evans personally.

He always goes back to the Gordon Ramsay episode if he’s suggesting that someone get to know the show.

That was the episode that made Evans the most nervous—and it also racked up the most views (90 million by 2021).

Why was he nervous?

For starters, Ramsay was the most requested guest. He was the one fans wanted to see on the show.

Secondly, Evans knew he would come in and poke fun at the wings on offer, and Evans desperately wanted them to be good wings. Finally, it was Gordon Ramsay—Sean didn’t know what to expect from the bully of the culinary world.

As it turned out, he had nothing to worry about.

Sure, Ramsay poked fun at the hot sauce and the wings—and the host—but at the end of the day, Evans summed him up in one line: “He’s the man.”

Amongst his other favorites are the Paul Rudd interview, Charlize Theron—who fans adored for her down-to-earth nature and epically bad language.

Theron loves spicy food in general, with her son calling her Mama Spicy.

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Sean Evans is dating Natasha Martinez. 

Natasha Martinez, girlfriend of Sean Evans

Martinez, who hosted American Latino TV from 2016 to 2018, is also a former Los Angeles Laker Girl, Miss California USA, and Avene model.

The pair met while working at Complex—Martinez had graduated from Chapman University with a degree in broadcast journalism like Evans.

It was 2018, and the pair have been together ever since—eventually buying a place together in Los Angeles, where they have both been based since the launch of Hot Ones.

Martinez has over 97k followers on Instagram (natashalexis_). Natasha wrote on her Instagram on April 25, 2020: ”The happiest two years thus far. Happy anniversary my love.”


Sean Evans is 5 ft 8 in (1.72 m) tall.

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Sean Evans – Net Worth

Evans earns most of his wealth by being the host of the YouTube show “Hot Ones.”

His salary was not released to the public, but the ”Hot Ones” show has over 1.5 billion views on YouTube. This translates to about $4.5 million in revenue.

In addition, this YouTube show has plenty of sponsors (like Reebok, Roberta’s, and Dream In The Woods).

According to a report, Complex’s food vertical gets 85% of its revenue outside of YouTube ads.

Therefore, American producer Sean Evans has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Alahna Ly Net Worth | Height

What is Alahna Ly’s net worth? How tall is Alahna Ly?


Alahna Ly is a multitalented American dancer, social media influencer, singer, and model.

Her rise to fame was through her very popular Instagram account, where she began posting captivating amateur modeling photos that quickly caught the attention of major brands and social media influencing companies. 

The Origin Story

Alahna Ly was born on March 11, 2000, in Royal Oak, Michigan, United States.

Her family life has remained private since the onset of her social media career, but she has shared a few details about her upbringing and education. 

Her parents were always very keen on providing her with the best education since she was a young child, therefore, she attended local private schools from first grade through high school.

Despite being academically inclined and talented in all subjects, she naturally gravitated toward the art of music.

She displayed signs of interest toward the arts from a young age and her parents were responsive to providing her with an outlet for it, so long as she prioritized her academic studies, which she did.

And while many academically gifts students pursue conventional careers and pursue post-secondary education, this was not her plan, nor did it sound appealing to her at the very least.


When she was old enough to create accounts on various social media platforms, she was amazed by the opportunities they provided her with respect to promoting her talent. As such, the aspiring performer wasted no time recording cover versions of her favorite artists.

She quickly learned how to navigate SoundCloud and began to upload her cover songs faster than she could record them.

Little did she know, the initiative she took to create videos on the platform would act as the gateway to her soon-to-be very lucrative career.

She was determined and nothing was going to stop her from pursuing an online career.


In addition to creating cover songs for SoundCloud, she jumped on board the Instagram train as it was recognized as the next best thing for aspiring models and influencers.

She quickly learned that many creative types on the platform were turning a quick dollar by creating an account that was dedicated to their skills.

Aside from music, Ly always aspired to become a model as well, so she followed the lead of many other users, and created a lucrative and highly popular brand for herself.

Her Instagram account currently has over 1.3 million followers, which is more than some seasoned actors in Hollywood.

So it’s safe to say she did an exemplary job at promoting herself and building a lucrative career on the platform.

Her entire account is made up of modeling selfies.

She also has some live content of herself singling on the app She doesnt appear to be promoting products or collaborating with brands on her account, so it is unknown how she earns income from the platform.


In addition to her impressive Instagram account, she is also an active user of YouTube.

Her account was created on February 24, 2019, which was many years following her initial success.

Her channel is nowhere near the level of success she has on other platforms, but she does have a decent following, nonetheless. 

To date, there are only 5 videos uploaded.

On February 6, 2020, she uploaded a music video to her own song titled “Alahna Ly – Helluva Night (Official Video),” which received over 300K views. The user engagement was very positive, with an overwhelming amount of viewers commenting on her incredible ability to sing at a professional level.

The second most popular video she uploaded was “Alahna Ly – So Lit (Official Video),” which garnered over 120K views and a lot of positive user engagement. It is evident that if she pursued a professional singing career, she would have the fan backing to propel and promote her music.


Ly wouldn’t be tapping into the full potential of social media if she wasn’t active on the overgrowing platform, TikTok.

Like all influencers, she created an account that mimics the type of content she creates on Instagram and YouTube.

Her account has not yet seen the level of success that she has on Instagram, but her content is still heavily viewed.

Most of the videos she posts are short clips of herself posing in suggestive attire and of course, videos of Ly singing.

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Her second most popular social media account is no other than Twitter.

She uses the platform to further promote her brand, and it has proven to be successful.

Her Twitter account has over 435K followers, and many of the tweets she puts out either go viral, or they receive thousands of comments, likes, and retweets.

It’s clear she learned how to master both Instagram and Twitter for the benefit of her social media career.

While many Twitter users are on the platform for social and political ideology promotion, Ly uses it to self-promote her modeling career, which is definitely a unique take on the platform.


Alahna Ly is 4’8″ (142 cm) tall.

Alahna Ly – Net Worth

Alahna Ly has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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Forgiato Blow – Net Worth, Real Name, Biography

What is Forgiato Blow’s net worth?


Forgiato Blow is a rapper based in the United States in Florida.

His real name is Kurtz Jantz, and he first found fame with a hit rap song about Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.

Roger Stone, a 68-year-old veteran lobbyist, was featured in the music video, which showed Forgiato Blow dancing alongside him.

If you’re dying to know all the details about Forgiato’s personal life, relationships, career history, and net worth, look no further!

We’re going to dive into all these details and more in this article, so read on to have all your burning questions answered!

The Origin Story

Born in the year 1988, Forgiato Blow was born and raised in Florida.

He grew up in a very wealthy family, benefitting from the Auto Trader publishing empire of Stuart Arnold.

He is also dubbed as the nephew of Donald Trump.

Other than this, there is very little information available about his family life.

As a boy, he attended school and eventually graduated from his local high school in Florida.

After that, he pursued his music passion, eventually solidifying his role as a talented young rapper.

His real name is Kurtz Jantz, but he decided to go with the name Forgiato Blow as his stage name.

This is the name his fans know him by and the name he makes music under.

Even though the rapper comes from a wealthy family, he has made it known that he’s gone through some tough times in his life.

In fact, he recently went through a period of homelessness, though the details on why he was homeless are unclear.

Some of his hobbies, besides rapping, are riding jet skis and sailing on his yacht.

At the time of writing this article, there is no known information on Forgiato’s relationship status.

We can assume he’s currently single.


Forgiato Blow Net Worth

Forgiato Blow’s career took off when he started making music about Donald Trump winning the American presidential election.

His music falls under the genre of hip hop and rap, though he primarily raps in his songs.

He has made his support of Trump and his policies very clear, releasing songs that directly praise Trump for his political agenda.

Forgiato’s released albums include Red, White, & Blow, All Eyez On Maga, Blow Dirt, and a few others.

Some of his more notable and popular songs include 4 More Years, Vanilla Sprite, We Outside, Trump Truck, and Gun Totin’ Patriot.

Many of his songs communicate his strong right-wing political views, and he’s not afraid to let his fans know the things he believes in.

In his song Silver Spoon, it’s especially apparent what his views and beliefs are.

Forgiato can also thank Rick Ross and Vanilla Ice for some of his fame and popularity, as he did a collaboration with both early in his career.

This collaboration helped to kickstart his fanbase and gave him some renown.

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Forgiato Blow – Net Worth

So, we’ve read all about Forgiato’s personal and career life, the things that led him to where he is now.

But what’s he worth?

Some of his revenue streams include royalties from his music, ads on his YouTube channel, deals from his social media following, and merchandise sales.

Forgiato has an entire section of his website dedicated to the sale of his very own line of merchandise.

Most of his merch is clothing or flags displaying support of Donald Trump, toting his slogans and his face.

All the merch you’ll find on his website is covered in red, white, and blue, American flags, and other patriotic symbols.

He also inherited a cool $5 million from his parents.

Therefore, rapper Forgiato Blow has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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Final Thoughts

Forgiato Blow is an American hip-hop singer and rapper dubbed as the nephew of Donald Trump and the grandson of the founder of Auto Trader, Stuart Arnold.

While his real name is Kurtz Jantz, his fans know him by his stage name, Forgiato Blow.

Kurtz has written many of his songs to show his love and support for DJT.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all the questions you came here with about Forgiato.

Remember to check back here once in a while, as we’ll make sure to update this article with current information as it’s released.

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Tricia Day Net Worth | Husband

What is Tricia Day’s net worth? Who is Tricia Day’s husband?


Every week, Tricia Day represents the Memphis Street Outlaws team on the hit Discovery show—alongside Precious Cooper and Mallory “Molly” Gulley.

The women hold their own amongst some of Tennessee’s most elite street racers—including Tricia’s husband, JJ Da Boss.

Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” Day and his wife lead the Memphis family’s best street racers to victory, one high-stakes street race at a time.

She may be little—at a smidge over 5 feet tall—but behind the wheel of her infamous ’66 Chevy Nova, she can pack a punch.

There’s more to this petite street racing dynamo than just what you see on the television sensation Memphis Street Outlaws, though.

And we’ve got it all for you right here.

The Origin Story

Tricia and her future husband, JJ Da Boss, grew up in the same little 700-person town just outside of Memphis.

Although the two didn’t get together until a decade ago, they were aware of each other and had run in similar social circles forever.

The pair were busy living their own lives. So busy, in fact, that when Tricia met JJ in his mid-30s, he already had seven kids.

The two realized early on that they were a good match when JJ asked Tricia if she wanted to try street racing.

She tried it, she loved it, and the charismatic pair never looked back.

JJ admitted in a recent interview that Tricia’s early learning curve cost a lot of money, saying, “at first, she tore up a lot of stuff.”

But he wouldn’t change it for anything, as he credits his wife of 10 years with saving his life and getting him on the right track.

Tricia and Jonathan Day have four children together—three girls and one boy.

In addition to her four biological children, Tricia is often seen with JJ’s other children as well—bringing the combined kid-total to 11.

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The Need for Speed

Tricia Day had always been around street racing—both her and JJ have always acknowledged that where they grew up, street racing was just ‘what you did.’

But once she got a taste of life behind the wheel of a fast car, there was no stopping her.

She earned the nickname ‘Midget’ thanks to her diminutive size, but there was nothing tiny about her accomplishments on the asphalt.

Her reputation grew along with her rank on the streets.

As part of JJ’s core driver crew, she was committed to winning at any cost. For the pair of adrenaline junkies, the world was their oyster.

Then, the future of the entire Memphis Street Outlaws crew was turned upside down.

JJ Da Boss was sentenced to prison time for his role in a fatal car accident.

The team lost their leader, she lost her husband, and 11 children lost their father—for eight years and one month.

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In The Spotlight

The crew struggled early on but continued to make waves on the street. Building a name for themselves, they continued to make money and earn accolades.

When JJ was eventually released from prison, the crew secured a spinoff of the popular Discovery show: Street Outlaws, based out of Oklahoma City.

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Street Outlaws: Memphis was born.

On the show, as in real life, Tricia mostly drives her Chevy II Nova—aptly named Heifer. To date, the biggest win she’s ever taken with Heifer was over $30,000 against Detroit.

Tricia continues to dominate the streets of Memphis and shines on camera with her clever wit, family values, and bright sense of humor.

After several seasons of the hit series, it looks like the Street Outlaws: Memphis star has found her niche in all areas of her life.

In 2022, Tricia and JJ were caught up in a serious accident while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List.

Tricia Day – Net Worth

Tricia Day has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Want to learn more about the MSO sensation known as Midget? Check out the latest episodes of the gritty reality series here.

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