Anthony Padilla Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Anthony Padilla’s net worth? Who is Anthony Padilla’s girlfriend?


Anthony Padilla established himself as one of YouTube’s founding superstars after founding SMOSH in 2006.

The insanely popular entertainment channel amassed millions—and then billions—of views in a short amount of time, until the big-scale influencer separated himself from the Smosh brand in 2017.

Since then, Padilla has been making a name for himself as more than just a comedian and YouTube entertainer.

He’s set up a highly successful new venture with his “I Spent A Day With…” series, he’s tackled hard topics, and he’s maintained one of the biggest audiences for a non-mainstream celebrity on YouTube.

Here’s what else we know about the American entertainer, his following, and his career (and also, we’ll tell you who he’s been dating).

The Origin Story

Daniel Anthony Padilla was born on 16th September 1987 in Sacramento, California.

Padilla’s parents, Leezah and Daniel, broke up when he was two years old, and he has spoken openly about the fact his parents hadn’t planned to have a baby when his mom found out she was pregnant with him.

Padilla has two brothers, Matthew Worrel and Brandon Worrel, who were born after his mom remarried.

His mom suffers from severe agoraphobia—a type of anxiety disorder in which you struggle in places or situations outside your home. Going out in public, or leaving your “safe zone” at all, can trigger feelings of helplessness, anxiety, and fear.

Leezah’s agoraphobia—and the fact that Anthony was her eldest son—meant that the burden for taking care of the family fell to him.

Early on, he could count on his grandmother to support them and to share the responsibility with him, but he lost her when he was only 14 years old.

Anthony and his best friend Ian Hecox attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California.

what is the net worth of Anthony Padilla
@Getty Images

From there, the pair went to American River College in Sacramento.

The move was a good one, but both Anthony and Ian dropped out in their sophomore year.

Anthony once admitted that he didn’t get his driver’s license until freshman year, despite the fact he’d been driving he and Ian around since high school.

Anthony has been vegan since 2013, after giving up animal products to support his former girlfriend, Kalel.

The Birth of Smosh

In 2002, when Padilla was 15, he created a website called

The site was built so he could share his flash animations with Ian, and eventually, the pair began to post videos under the Smosh name on YouTube.

In the early days of YouTube, Smosh gained a strong following, and by 2005 it was one of the platform’s premier channels.

By May of 2019, the channel—which had become primarily a sketch comedy video vault—had more than 10 billion video views and 25 million subscribers.

This officially made it one of the 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube.

The pair even appeared in Smosh: The Movie in their official feature-film debuts.

The End Of An Era

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox - founders of Smosh
@Getty Images

Padilla left Smosh officially on June 14, 2017, to become an independent content creator.

He announced it in a video and released a follow-up—Why I Left Smosh—he dug deeper into the move.

He explained that Smosh, which by that time was owned by Alloy Digital (and eventually, Defy Media), as an entity had changed.

He felt that his creative decisions all had to be filtered and that he felt imprisoned by the new structure.

Following Padilla’s departure, Smosh dropped in its subscriber count rankings temporarily.

The dip was short-lived, and eventually, the channel regained its footing.

As for Padilla, he spent some time finding his footing as an independent YouTuber—creating a series called “I Spent a Day With…”

The series, which officially aired in February of 2018 with “I Spent A Day With Flat Earthers,” became a massive hit.

It took him a while to shake his need to be the “funny guy” and to keep the content light-hearted.

It was following one video documentary in particular, where viewers were thanking him for taking a misunderstood section of society seriously, that Padilla realized what he needed to do.

“I want to help others see niche groups in a new light and give them a chance to express themselves. I feel less pressure to be funny as a result.”

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One of YouTube’s most beloved influencers, Padilla has no shortage of ladies wanting his attention.

He dated Kalel Cullen from 2010 to the end of 2014, with the pair following each other on socials until 2017.

Kalel Cullen ex-girlfriend of Anthony Padilla
@Getty Images

Around that time, he shared in a video that Kalel was manipulative and that—looking back—he thinks he was being used in the relationship.

Kalel reacted badly to the revealing video, sending offensive and abusive messages and tweets.

She also posted a response, entitled “The Truth,” but she deleted it not long afterwards.

A year later, Padilla was linked to comedy writer Miel Bredouw.

Anthony Padilla and girlfriend Miel Bredouw
@Getty Images

This time, the pair kept their romance under wraps for several years, not going Instagram-official until September of 2017.

In September of 2019, Miel moved to the opposite coast of the US and heavily implied that the couple had split. Neither Padilla nor Miel ever publically acknowledged the break-up.

A few months after Miel’s move to New York, Anthony Padilla revealed that he was dating Glam & Gore’s Mykie.

Anthony Padilla and girlfriend Mykie
@Getty Images

He and the beauty influencer joined the ranks of property owners with a $2.3 million LA Hills home above West Hollywood.


Anthony Padilla is 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

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Anthony Padilla – Net Worth

Padilla earned most of his wealth from co-founding SMOSH, sponsors, and ads on YouTube.

In 2011, Padilla and Ian Hecox sold SMOSH to Defy Media for stock in the company.

On YouTube, Anthony has over 500 million views, meaning about $1.5 million in revenue.

Therefore, American YouTuber Anthony Padilla has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Want to see what Anthony Padilla does now? Check out this video with 12 million views.

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Brent Rivera Net Worth

What is Brent Rivera’s net worth?


Brent Rivera is a US-born and raised social media star and actor, most famous for his role as Alexander in Alexander IRL.

Before its spectacular slip into obscurity, Vine was Rivera’s main social media platform of choice, but the agile entertainer has since moved on to YouTube (where he has 18.7 million subscribers), TikTok (43.4 million followers and over 1.4 billion likes) and Instagram (add another 22.1 million followers there).

The wildly successful content creator knows social media—and how to leverage it to get what you want.

He’s the CEO and founder of Amp Studios, a business that describes itself as a “talent incubator,” and he’s got business opinions every social media marketer needs to hear.

Want to learn more about this up-and-coming uber-celebrity?

Here’s what we know.

The Origin Story

Brent Austin Rivera was born on the 9th of January, 1998, in Huntington Beach, California.

His dad, John Rivera, is a California firefighter, and his mom, Laura, is an elementary school teacher.

Brent has two brothers, eldest brother—and Junior Ducks Hockey national champ—Blake, and Brice, and younger sister Alexa Brooke (Lexi).

As the youngest of the boys, Brent was used to getting loud to get noticed in his family.

Both he and his kid sister, Alexa, are social media stars in their own right, so the extroverted youngsters have had a lot of practice in getting the spotlight on themselves.

Not sure you’ve heard about Alexa Brooke Rivera?

Her social media name is Lexi Rivera, and she got her big break appearing in some of Brent’s videos and blogs.

Now, the Latina beauty collaborates with her big brother from time to time, but she’s got more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube…and an impressive follower count across all the major social media platforms.

A Little Hard Work Goes A Long Way

what is the net worth of Brent Rivera
@Getty Images

Ask Brent Rivera how he got so famous, and it all comes down to one thing: a highly engaged fan base.

Ever since he scored his first viewer on Vine, he was hooked.

He courted the social media spotlight incessantly, with one goal in mind—to make his fans happy.

And it worked.

After climbing the social media ladder—jumping from Vine to YouTube, and parlaying that into a strong following across newer platforms like Instagram, then Snapchat, then TikTok—the star was almost a household name.

His biggest mainstream break came in 2017 when he was cast in the role of Alexander in YouTube Red’s hit show, Alexander IRL.

As a producer on the show, Brent also enjoyed the control he had over his image—and his career path.

2018 brought with it Brobot and Hulu’s Light as a Feather, where he starred as Isaac Salcedo for two seasons.

Then came Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation on AwesomenessTV.

At the same time, Brent was capturing the attention of the powers-that-be on the mainstream stage.

He was nominated for a 2019 Teen Choice Award for Male Web Star, a Streamy Award for Best in Lifestyle, and a 2020 Streamy Award for Juanpa Zurita’s Creator Honor Award. He won the last award.

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Taking Care Of Business

Brent Rivera Net Worth
@Getty Images

Rivera knows what creators need…because he is one.

With that in mind, he took the plunge in 2019 and formed his own content creation agency: Amp Studios.

He and co-founder Max Levine have built the business into an entire studio to promote a solid roster of creators and brands.

When asked why he would even consider going down the business ownership path, Brent said:

“I wanted (to) help creators start their own businesses. It’s a cool thing to see someone go from 5,000 followers to 5 million.”

Ben Azelart, a close friend of Rivera’s, did exactly that in 2019, and Brent was inspired to see the struggle of growing your brand pay off.

So is there really anyone on Rivera’s resume?

Not only is the roster impressive, but the statistics are also staggering.

With a list of A-list influencers like Alan and Alex (the Stokes brothers), little sister Lexi, and Ben Azelart, the Amp Studios team also claim they can generate a billion views in a month.

Brent’s goal is to become the next Disney channel—and to develop clean, genuine, appropriate content for people at any age.

He’s received flack in the past for his aversion to Instagram models.

Now, he won’t bring them on board at AMP, regardless of their follower count. “All the top creators, they’re not 10 out of 10s. Their personalities are amazing, and they make great content.”

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Love Is In The Air

Eva Gutowski has 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and she’s been good buddies with Rivera for a long time now.

Brent Rivera with Eva Gutowski
@Getty Images

Still, despite fans desperately shipping the pair together, Rivera assures his viewers that she is really “a best friend.”

Fans aren’t convinced, but the couple—if they are indeed a couple—are managing to keep things pretty much under wraps for the time being.

Brent Rivera – Net worth

Rivera earned most of his wealth from managing Amp Studios, sponsors, and ads on his YouTube channel.

On YouTube, Brent has more than 4.2 billion views, meaning about $12 million in revenue before taxes.

Therefore, American YouTuber Brent Rivera has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Want to see Brent Rivera’s version of a prank? Check out this video where he tells his mom to shut up in front of his friends

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Kyle Exum Net Worth

What is Kyle Exum’s net worth?


If you remember Vine, chances are you remember Kyle Exum.

He rose to fame on the now-defunct video hosting platform with more than 600,000 followers, posting comedy skits, rap videos, and generally entertaining antics.

He moved to YouNow and YouTube, where he became one of the platform’s best-known comedy influencers.

Known for his unique content and engaging style, Kyle Exum is winning hearts—and a lion’s share of the demographic.

Here’s what we know about the young Texan.

The Origin Story

Kyle Exum was born on the 26th of August 1998, in San Antonio, Texas.

While he was born in the Lone Star state, his family made the move to Connecticut when he was a year old—and that’s where Exum grew up.

Exum was raised in West Hartford, Connecticut, where he attended Hall High School.

There he played soccer and displayed a lot of sports skills.

He also had a passion for the outdoors, and when he’s not creating content for millions of viewers, he still enjoys getting out and reconnecting with nature.

After graduating from Hall in 2016, Exum made the move to Howard University, where he studied business and marketing.

Exum is close to his parents.

His mom, Tammy, is a politician and was elected to represent the 19th district in the statehouse in 2020.

Kyle’s father, Earl, is a VP with aerospace manufacturing giant Pratt & Whitney.

In a lot of his videos, the mom and dad characters are inspired by his parents.

The grandpa character, Kyle explains, is most like his real-life grandpa.

When asked if the girlfriend character in his videos is inspired by a real-life girlfriend, Kyle is a little more tight-lipped.

With no mention of a long-term girlfriend on the scenes, it looks like the entertainer is enjoying being young, free, and single.

I’m Big On Vine

what is the net worth of Kyle Exum
@Getty Images

At age 16, Kyle did what a lot of teens were doing—he started playing around with Vine.

The platform was well-known for its 7-second videos, and Kyle used the short attention span of users to his advantage.

He created a video called The Thotie Song, which, at last count, had more than 2 million views.

Following on from The Thotie Song, Exum created a video titled, When you get your report card, and you know your grades are bad.

The video would become Kyle’s most viewed ever, with over 5 million views racked up by the time the platform called it a day.

As a thank you—and a nod to the Vine users who made him famous in the first place—he released a Vine video compilation on his YouTube channel.

In a way, this was a testament to the fact that most of Exum’s fan-base now are younger than the Vine crowd and discovering the funny man anew on YouTube.

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The Move To YouTube

Exum had a YouTube channel for several years before he actually got around to sharing content on it.

His first video, which was uploaded in 2016, was The Mom Rap.

The 3-minute clip launched what would become one of Exum’s signature series—him playing the role of every character in his family.

To date, Kyle’s most viewed video—with a whopping 30 million views by 2021—is Dad’s Plan.

The video parodies Drake’s God’s Plan and earned the social media star kudos for its originality and comedic timing.

Hot on the heels of Dad’s Plan was his Trap 3 Little Pigs, which showcases the young rap fan reading the classic kids’ story super-fast.

In 2020, Kyle took out Vid IQ’s Creators Choice Awards for the top favorite Comedy Channel.

He was also nominated at the 12th Annual Streamy Awards for the YouTube Comedian category.

And Then There Was Disney

In December of 2020, an even bigger opportunity came Exum’s way. Animation giant, Disney, reached out to promote their new movie, Soul.

They explained to the young influencer that they were looking for a core creator to work with their cast—including uber-celebrities Jamie Foxx, Questlove, and Tina Fey.

Exum jumped at the opportunity. Not only was it a major chance for the young influencer to reach a new audience, but it also fit with his existing audience, and it was the first animated Disney / Pixar movie to feature a Black lead.

It probably didn’t hurt that Jamie Foxx was one of Exum’s bucket list celebrities and long-time idols.

Exum displayed a strong work ethic and took the role seriously, promoting the movie heavily and in a way that resonated naturally with his audience.

He freestyled with Jamie Foxx, got down in the kitchen with Josh Weissman, and built engagement with other influencers and viewers to “find his spark.”

When asked about the movie, Exum said, “It’s really my favorite Disney movie to date.”

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Kyle Exum – Net Worth

Exum earned most of his wealth from sponsors and ads on his YouTube channel.

On youTube, Kyle has over 644 million views, meaning about $2 million in revenue before taxes.

Kyle has secured sponsorship through big brands like Axe, Amazon, Disney, and Raid Shadow Legends.

Therefore, American YouTuber Kyle Exum has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Want to see what Kyle Exum can do? Check out his Dad’s Plan video—which has racked up 25 million views and counting!

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Zerkaa Net Worth | Girlfriend

What is Zerkaa’s net worth? Who is Zerkaa’s girlfriend?


Josh Bradley—AKA Zerkaa—is a UK YouTuber, influencer, streamer, and outspoken comedian who has been hailed by the Sunday Times as one of the most influential content creators in the United Kingdom.

Big praise for a young guy from South London—but it has been clear to those who know him that Bradley was always destined to do something big.

As co-founder of one of Britain’s biggest creator collectives, and wielding a power of influence over more than 4 million YouTube subscribers, Zerkaa is doing big things on the internet.

Here’s what we know about the YouTuber with 600 million video views—and counting!

The Origin Story

Joshua Charlie Joseph Bradley was born on September 4, 1992, in Bermondsey, South London, England.

As a kid growing up in London, Bradley liked the usual things—he was a fan of Millwall football club, enjoyed FIFA and Call of Duty, and liked making videos.

Bradley has been a fan of Millwall FC for as long as he can remember.

When he was 6, he was gifted a season ticket—and he still has it now.

Except now, he can also afford to buy his own season pass each year.

Bradley was also really good at school—something which probably doesn’t surprise his fans.

He attended Bexley Grammar School—the same school as fellow Sidemen squad member, Tobi Brown.

At Bexley, he gained an A+ in business studies, and 10 Bs, in his GCSE year.

A cardboard cutout of Joshua Bradley – @Getty

In his A Levels prior to heading to university, he secured good grades before enrolling at Ravensbourne University to study digital film production.

He graduated in 2013 with an honors degree.


He lived in the Sidemen House in London for almost 5 years—from February 2014 to January 2019—before he moved in with his girlfriend, Freya Nightingale.

Freya, known online as gamer and YouTuber Freyz Playz, has been dating Zerkaa since late 2011, but they were together for 8 years before they moved in together.

The Path to Greatness

Bradley started uploading videos to YouTube in 2008.

The videos were mostly centered on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but over time the young gamer expanded into FIFA.

He built his following slowly—mainly because he didn’t have the time to develop his channel while he was at school and university.

Things started to progress for Bradley’s social media presence in 2013.

He founded a content creator crew with a group of fellow influencers—and school friends—which would become one of the biggest creator groups in the UK.

The Sidemen Are Born


The Sidemen is a UK-based group made up of major British influencers KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, WS2, and Vikkstar123.

The group puts out content for fans that includes challenges, sketches, and gaming commentary.

Between them, the Sidemen had racked up more than 130 million subscribers.

Bradley and Brown met KSI and Miniminter through the gaming community—KSI and Miniminter had attended school in Hertfordshire together.

From there, the rest of the group formed, with Bradley meeting Lewis at an NYC FIFA gaming event.

For a long time, Bradley didn’t even show his face on camera.

It wasn’t until 2014 that he shed the mask he’d often hidden behind, and started engaging more personally with his steadily growing fanbase.

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In 2017, Josh launched a podcast—he named it Homegrown.

Most episodes of Homegrown are around 2 hours long, and Bradley features guests like Lewis Redman and the Sidemen crew.

Zerkaa – Net Worth

Bradley earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch, ads on YouTube, and sponsors.

On Twitch, Josh has over 1.3 million followers.

On YouTube, Bradley has 694 million views, meaning about $2 million in revenue.

Some of Zerkaa’s sponsors are Spotify and Adidas Originals.

He also launched a clothing and merchandise line in April of 2017, which he named ZRKLDN. ZRKLDN stands for Zerk London.

In 2021, Josh and The Sidemen launched the vodka brand XIX Vodka.

Therefore, Zerkaa has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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Carly Pearce Net Worth

What is Carly Pearce’s net worth?


Carly Pearce is a famous country singer who hails from Kentucky.

She’s the brains, the vocal talent, and the beauty behind the hit singles Every Little Thing, I Hope You’re Happy Now, and Next Girl.

From her albums to her producer and mentor, Busbee, to her short-lived marriage to a fellow country artist, there’s a lot to process with this award-winning songstress.

Here’s what we know.

The Origin Story

Carly Cristyne Slusser was born in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, on April 24, 1990.

Her parents are Todd and Jackie Slusser.

Carly’s family always encouraged her love of music and signing—a passion she said she gets from her grandparents.

Growing up, Slusser’s grandparents always had country music playing.

It was a comfort for Carly as a kid, and as an adult, she’d take her grandfather’s last name—Pearce—as a stage name.

Carly’s family always had a video camera going at family events.

At one of those events—which her parents saved—she declared that her goal was to perform at the iconic live music venue Grand Ole Opry, in Tennessee.

A Vision and a Dream


Those who knew Carly at the time wouldn’t be surprised, either.

By age 11 the outgoing young songstress was performing with a bluegrass band.

At 14 she was performing at tent revival shows, churches, and even prisons.

At just 16 years old, Carly auditioned at Dollywood theme park for the Country Crossroads show.

She won a spot, and convinced her parents—eventually—to let her drop out of high school and move closer to Dollywood.

Dollywood—the famed theme park founded by beloved Country icon Dolly Parton—is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, so the move was a big one for the Kentucky family.

It was fortunate that Todd and Jackie were willing to take the risk, because Carly credits that time at Dollywood as a “key part of [her] journey to finding” herself and her path.

Carly agreed to complete her high school education via homeschooling.

Love and Marriage

Carly Pearce started dating country singer Michael Ray in July of 2018.

Carly Pearce and husband Michael Ray

The couple made things Instagram official after talking back and forth through the social media platform.

Ray initially thought Pearce wanted to work together, but eventually, he figured it out.

The pair got engaged in December of that year in Tulum, Mexico.

They married on October 6, 2019, in Tennessee, and eight months later Pearce filed for divorce.

“It still makes me quite emotional to think about how lost I felt in the beginning,” she told Grammy in September 2021.

She began dating former MLB player Riley King in 2020.

Carly Pearce with boyfriend Riley King

Welcome to the World

When her time at Dollywood ended—Carly was doing 5 shows a week until the end of her time there—Pearce packed up and headed for the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee.

She was 19 years old and eager to pursue a real career as a country music artist. Carly describes the time as a “roller coaster ride”.

She was snapped up by Sony Music Nashville in the summer of 2012, but the deal fell through when her producer was fired from the label.

This was a harsh blow for the young singer, but it taught her that showbiz really is a business.

She took part-time jobs waitressing and doing housekeeping but stayed the course by networking with other local performers and working to get her name out there.

Eager for another deal, she connected with Grand Ole Opry vice president, Pete Fisher.

Fisher would allow Carly the opportunity to perform—fulfilling the vow she made to her family in that little home video—in 2015.

He also introduced her to Busbee.

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Busbee, who was a well-known record producer in Tennessee, signed Carly as a developing artist that same year, and then secured her a feature on the Josh Abbott Band’s 2016 single, Wasn’t That Drunk.

The single got to #37 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, got exposure at country radio stations around the US, and won her—alongside the Josh Abbott Band—a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This was the big break Carly needed, and she made the most of it.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though.

Pearce recalls being told by several record label execs to give up—but she couldn’t.

Fortunately, Busbee didn’t give up on her, either.

He produced Every Little Thing, and released it as an indie endeavor.

It was picked up by The Highway, and Pearce signed with Big Machine Records—one of many labels that offered her a contract.

From the official release of Every Little Thing in 2017, Carly has enjoyed a top 5 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, sold 500,000 copies of the single, had her debut album hit #4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums list, and reached #32 on Billboard 200.

In 2021 and 2022, she won female vocalist of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Carly Pearce – Net Worth


Pearce earned most of her wealth from selling copies of her albums (29: Written in Stone, Carly Pearce, and Every Little Thing) and EP (29), ads on YouTube, and concerts.

In 2017, Carly signed with Big Machine Label Group. “It’s a dream come true,” she said at the time.

Therefore, Carly Pearce has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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Miles Richie Net Worth

What is Miles Richie’s net worth?


Miles Brockman Richie is the son of singing icon Lionel Richie—and the lesser known of his ultra-famous siblings.

He shot to mainstream attention after being detained at an airport, but long time fans of the famous Richie family may also know him as the guy who has Kylie Jenner’s initials tattooed on his fingers (okay, the guy has a lot of tattoos, though), or for his precarious link to the daughter of the late, great Michael Jackson.

Need more details?

Here’s what we’ve got on Miles Brockman Richie.

The Origin Story

Miles Brockman Richie was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 27, 1994.

By that stage, his dad was already a household name.

Lionel Richie—the former Commodores crooner—had also been one of the biggest acts of the 1980s, sold more than 100 million records internationally, and become one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time.

Miles Richie with father Lionel Richie

Miles’s dad also has a Grammy shelf—because he’s got four of the iconic awards—and he was inducted into the songwriters’ Hall of Fame, the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Miles is the son of Lionel and his second wife, Diane Alexander.

Miles was born before the couple married, making him the younger brother of Nicole Richie—and brother-in-law to Joel Madden—and the older brother of Instagram superstar and TMZ favorite, Sofia Richie.

Miles is a self-confessed “mama’s boy.”

His family is tight-knit—and he features his mom, dad, and siblings often on his social media channels.

His parents divorced in 2004, when Miles was 10 years old, and his sister, Sofia, was 6.

Getting Inked


The only son of Lionel Richie, Miles estimates that he has between 150 and 175 hours worth of tattoos on his body—including the names of both his sisters, his mom, and his dad.

It was actually a tattoo that catapulted him from a celebrity kid to a social media star.

He hit the tabloids when rumors got out that he was dating Kylie Jenner back in the summer of 2014.

Jenner—who didn’t yet have the level of super-stardom she has now—was still a big name thanks to her family’s reality television show.

The pair were snapped by the paparazzi kissing in a car.

While the relationship was short-lived, Miles ended up with a reminder that will last his whole life (or at least until he lasers it off)—he had Kylie’s name tattooed on his hand.

Jenner had been at a recording studio with Miles, French Montana, and Kylie’s big sister, Khloe, when tattoo legend John Petro showed up to tattoo Miles. Jenner decided she’d have a try, and tattooed her initials on Miles’ right hand.

Since then, Miles has been linked to a steady stream of models and influencers—including Justin Bieber’s ex, Sahara Ray.

How Does He Know Paris Jackson?

Miles has referred to Paris Jackson as his “god sis” several times on social media, and fans have been baffled about the title.

The answer is pretty simple, once you hear it: the late King of Pop was the godfather of Miles’ little sister, Sofia.

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, and Sofia, are close friends and—essentially—god sisters.

Since Miles is Sofia’s brother, that makes Paris Jackson his god-sister, too. Right?

However precarious the link may be, Jackson’s beautiful daughter has appeared alongside Miles on his social media accounts a few times.

Model Behavior


Richie signed to Wilhelmina Models several years back, and walked the runway at New York Fashion Week in 2021.

He modeled for Philipp Plein, whose show also included Irina Shayk, Christian Combs—Diddy’s son—Cordell Broadus—Snoop’s son—and a set by rapper Offset.

Richie’s baby sister, Sofia, walked for Plein back in 2017 in NYC and Cannes.

Miles is eager to put in the work—whether as a model, an actor, or a producer.

He cringes at the idea that he’ll only be known as the son of Lionel Richie or the brother of Nicole and Sofia Richie.

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Into the Scandal Pages

Fans of the Richie family may be used to seeing Nicole or Sofia make headlines—but in January of 2019, it was Miles being hounded by reporters.

He was detained by police at London’s Heathrow Airport for allegedly threatening security with a bomb and assaulting a security guard.

Witnesses claim that Miles was angry he was not being allowed to board a flight, and allegedly said he had a bomb in his bag.

When security guards were called, Miles got into a physical altercation with one.

Police arrived shortly thereafter.

He was given a caution by UK police—effectively a warning for his behavior.

Miles Richie – Net Worth

Miles earned most of his wealth from working as a professional model (signed with Wilhelmina Models) and from his father.

“Wilhelmina is just the best energy,” Miles told WWD.

Therefore, Miles Richie has an estimated net worth of $1 million. On the other hand, his father, Lionel Richie, has a net worth of $200 million.

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Courtney Shields Net Worth | Divorce

What is Courtney Shields’ net worth? Is Courtney Shields married?


Courtney Shields Albright is an American entrepreneur who rose to mainstream fame for her talents as a singer-songwriter, blogger, and Instagram darling.

An avid fan of all things beauty, health, and fashion related, the prolific blogger and Instagrammer stays busy running her beauty brand, launching her singing career—she’s already got a couple of hits out—and doing the hardest job she’s had so far: being a mom.

The Miss You Sometimes songstress has a lot on her plate—and here’s what we know about her journey so far.

The Origin Story

Courtney Ateyeh Shields was born in Manhattan, New York, in October 1988.

She is of Lebanese, English, Irish, and Scottish descent, but was born and raised in the US.

Her earliest memories were of watching her mom do her makeup. Shields used to sit on her mom’s vanity and watch her with all her beauty products—it fascinated her.

That fascination would stay with her for decades to come.

She moved to Austin with her family when she was just a baby, and her childhood was all about being a girly girl—Courtney remembers her favorite 5th-grade hobby was doing her friends’ hair and makeup.


Even as a student at Westlake High School, Shields was the one you’d find braiding her teammates’ hair on the bus to volleyball and lacrosse games.

A firm believer that makeup is just “art on the face,” she was often caught doing friends’ makeup in art class.

As a teen, Courtney managed to save $50 for her first real makeup kit. She bought a tower of eye shadows, and toted them everywhere with her so she could give her classmates makeovers on the fly.

Courtney graduated from Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, in 2006—with big dreams.

She headed to Boston, Massachusetts, to study music at Berklee College, which is where she learned to play the guitar and the piano.

The self-confessed homebody—Courtney loves movie nights at home—always had a great voice, but she honed it while she was at college.

Love and Marriage

Courtney Shields—who rose to fame as Courtney Shields Albright—got engaged to Alex Albright in June of 2013.

Alex Albright -- ex-husband of Courtney Shields

They were married on May 24, 2014.

Alex, a Cincinnati boy, met Courtney when he was in college—he attended Boston College on a football scholarship while Courtney was at Berklee.

Alex eventually went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys before an injury ended his football career in 2013.

Alex went on to become a sales rep, and would jokingly refer to Courtney as a cougar because she is older than him—by 3 months.

Courtney and Alex welcomed a little girl named Kinsley Shields Albright into the world in September 2017.

Courtney writes about her prolifically on her blog, including a birth story post that comes in at a whopping 2,400 words.

In 2020, Courtney made a video—alongside Alex—to announce that the pair were getting a divorce.

Naturally, she shared it on Instagram for all her followers.

She explained that “after a lot of counseling and therapy,” they would be going their separate ways, because—as Alex added—they didn’t bring out the best in each other.

Courtney began dating Ishaan Sutaria in 2020, and announced in 2021 that they were engaged.

On August 4, 2021, Courtney announced that she and the Indian-American businessman had broken up.

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Motivated to Succeed

Growing up, Courtney said she felt different from her idols and friends.

The beauty icons of the day were women like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the Olsen twins—blonde and light-skinned.

Shields—who is Lebanese American with darker skin and dark hair—didn’t quite fit the mold.

Makeup and beauty helped her feel more comfortable in herself, until she found real confidence in her 30s.

It was that which inspired her to launch her own beauty line—DIBS Beauty—to help every woman feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their own features.

The self-taught makeup guru has always offered makeup and beauty advice to friends, and she explained that having a beauty brand and being an influencer is just an extension of what she’s always done—she’s just widening her circle of influence.

DIBS initially launched two products—a highlighter and color corrector stick called the Status Stick, and a bronzer and blush duo called the Desert Island Duo.

The latter is inspired by the fact it could be the one beauty product you take to a desert island.

DIBS stands for Desert Island Beauty Status, and the line expanded to include a lip liner and a lip gloss in 2022. “I wanted to create a product that gave me beautiful, enhanced skin,” Shields said for WWD.

Courtney Shields – Net Worth

Shields earned most of her wealth from founding the jewelry line “Bow & Brooklyn,” co-founding the beauty line “DIBS Beauty,” and brand deals via her Instagram (Sephora, TULA, Gucci Beauty, and more).

“Courtney has been a part of the TULA family for more than 4 years,” said Savannah Sachs, CEO of TULA Skincare, in July 2020.

Therefore, Courtney Shields has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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Bakhar Nabieva Net Worth

What is Bakhar Nabieva’s net worth?


Bakhar Nabieva is known to her 3 million plus Instagram fans as “Miss Iron Bum”, and it’s easy to see why.

The Azerbaijani fitness model and trainer has become internet famous for her killer legs and incredible physique.

For muscle mass, streamlining, and build, she is one of the most followed powerlifters and fitness models on the planet.

Some fans, especially those who have been following her over the past few years, might remember Nabieva from the days when she wore all-black contact lenses.

Combined with her intense—and extensive—tattoos, she definitely had a very unique look. Nabieva has retired the demonic looking contact lenses for now.

From a skinny girl that got bullied for her legs to one of the most influential weightlifting powerhouses in the US, Bakhar Nabieva has come a long, long way.


Crafting the physique she’s got wasn’t easy for her, either—it took years of dedication, hard work, and self-discipline.

So we know that Nabieva checks the boxes for all those qualities—but what else do we know about her?

Read on to find out.

The Origin Story

Bakhar Nabieva was born on April 8, 1994, in Mingachevir, Azerbaijan.

She has an older sister, and when Bakhar was 6 years old, her parents packed them both up and moved the entire family to Dnipro.

As a kid, Nabieva describes herself as “very skinny, [I] had thin legs” which caused her to get bullied by other kids in her class.

While Bakhar didn’t understand why kids made fun of her because of something as trivial as her legs, it still made school hard.

Living in Ukraine, Bakhar says everything started coming together for her.

She enrolled at school, and then at college, began her fitness journey, and started building the foundations of her future empire.

Nabieva eventually moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue even more opportunities to grow her brand and develop her career as an influencer.

Bakhar Nabieva is currently living the bachelorette lifestyle in Miami, with her dog, Blu.

Building Her Body


Tired of being bullied about her skinny body, and excited about an opportunity to start afresh and change her life, Nabieva started going to the gym as a teen.

Unfortunately, those early days at the gym didn’t help.

The young fitness hopeful had no idea what to do—and nobody to show her.

She didn’t know about the fundamentals of building a weight and resistance routine—how to count reps and sets (or even what reps and sets were), when to squat and when to lift, or how to build an effective routine.

Instead of getting some training, Bakhar threw herself into her own version of weight lifting.

She didn’t count reps, and she worked only on the areas she had a problem with—mainly her legs.

While she might not have had any real form, she had determination—and after a few months of diligently working on her frame, Nabieva hit her stride.

She describes in a 2021 interview that one day she woke up and she could see a definition she’d never seen before.

From there, the young fitness enthusiast was firing on all cylinders—and ready to take on the next opportunity that came her way.

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A Competitive Spirit

That opportunity came in the form of a bikini competition.

The fitness fanatic was adamant that she wouldn’t compete in a bodybuilding competition—she doesn’t want to expose herself “to such torture” at this current time, and has no interest in the highly restrictive diets, and training to exhaustion.

Bikini competitions were another matter, though. And a few good placings scored her features in the UK’s Daily Star and Mirror publications.

Alongside the bikini competitions and newspaper features, Nabieva was posting sporadically to her social media accounts.

That combo caught the eye of some big time sponsors.

Nabieva signed a contract with Dragon Pharma in 2020, and made the move to Miami not long after.

She crafts killer workout routines and promotes supplements and apparel for Dragon Pharma—a Florida-based company with a focus on quality supplementation and transparent, effective products.

Bakhar remains the face of the company and often appears in videos and interviews on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Bakhar Nabieva – Net Worth

Nabieva earned most of her wealth from her work with Dragon Pharma. 

Bakhar also has an OnlyFans account. Her Instagram account has over 3.7 million followers — this is another possible stream of income for Nabieva.

Therefore, Bakhar Nabieva has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Gerry Cardinale Net Worth

What is Gerry Cardinale’s net worth?


Gerry Cardinale is one of the most influential dealmakers in the sports & entertainment industry.

He is currently best known for his private equity investment firm, RedBird Capital Partners.

Some of his career’s more prominent ventures include the multi-million-dollar stake in LeBron Jame’s SpringHill Company and the multi-billion-dollar Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network.

Surprisingly, there isn’t much information on the business leader and billionaire outside of his streamlined work history.

So, we’ve collected general and professional information to give you a biographical introduction to RedBird founder, Gerry Cardinale.

The Origin Story

Cardinale was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Of what he’s shared about his early life, perhaps the most influential discipline that guides Cardinale today is his love of rowing.

He competed while he pursued his Bachelor of the Arts at Harvard University and during his time as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, where he studied Philosophy of Politics and Political Theory.

While racing up and down the Charles and Thames rivers, Cardinale gathered valuable life lessons that he’s carried over into his business practices.

Two core values we see in his approach to RedBird and deal-making are:  

  1. Communication, collaboration, and humility bring a team together. That goes for rowers and coxswains and family offices and entrepreneurs! RedBird measures its success by its investors’ and founders’ success.
  2. If your oar hits the water wrong, gets knocked, or you fall out of sync with your team that doesn’t mean the race is over. Keeping a level head and focus will get you back on course and back in the game, whether you’re rowing or offsetting a boom-or-bust pattern.

From Rowing to RedBird and the Step In Between

Gerry Cardinale went on to work for two decades at Goldman Sachs as a partner and leader of their private equity investing business.

During that tenure, he built the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network along with other multi-billion-dollar businesses.

In 2014, with experience and connections, Cardinale was ready to forge his own path with a firm that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and private equity in a new way.

Enter RedBird Capital Partners.

The RedBird Difference

Every profile of RedBird highlights the merger between family offices and entrepreneurs.

What that means is one of RedBird’s defining elements is that they help wealthy families invest their private capital to build businesses.

In doing so, RedBird fosters investments that outlive the 3-5-year lifespan of traditional private equity funds and remain loyal to the new businesses long term.

Adding investments as the businesses grow increases success rates and offsets boom-or-bust returns.

The Result: RedBird Capital Today

$6 Billion assets under management

400+ entrepreneur and family office relationships

1,700 proprietary opportunities sourced

80+ add-on acquisitions

The company’s four areas of investment are: energy, communications, opportunistic investments, and sports, leisure, and hospitality.


Gerry Cardinale is happily married to his wife, Holly Cardinale, with no children.

Gerry Cardinale and wife Holly Cardinale

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Cardinale is a Trustee of the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City,

Serves on the board of the American Association of Rhodes Scholars,

And on the board of YoYo Ma’s Silk Road Project (which promotes artistic entrepreneurship).

Gerry Cardinale – Net Worth

Cardinale earned most of his wealth from founding RedBird Capital Partners in 2013 and working as a partner for Goldman Sachs from 1992 to 2012.

In May 2022, it was reported that RedBird Capital is in talks with Elliott Management over the purchase of the Italian football club “AC Milan.” The price is $1.4 billion. The takeover comes when AC Milan won the 19th Scudetto in their history. The deal was completed in June 2022.

Therefore, Gerry Cardinale has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Final Words

Gerry Cardinale, like any great entrepreneur, is driven by passion.

He’s a banker who has fun with his work, and that charming charisma remains at the center of his relationships and is why RedBird Capital Partners will continue to grow.

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Robert Fuller Net Worth | Today

What is Robert Fuller’s net worth?


Robert Fuller (birth name – Leonard Leroy Lee Jr.) is an American actor who is best known for his role as Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency! and Jess Harper on Laramie.

He also performed in Walker Texas Ranger, Wagon Train, and The Virginian.


Fuller was born on July 29, 1933, in Troy, New York, USA.

After his mother married Robert Simpson, he changed his name to Robert Simpson, Jr.

At age 14, Robert dropped out of school since he disliked it.

At age 16, Fuller got his first job as a stunt man.


He made his film debut in 1952’s Above and Beyond — a WWII film about the pilot of the aircraft that dropped a five-ton bomb on Hiroshima in 1945.

In 1953, Robert performed in the musical comedy film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe. Later that year, he was drafted into the US Army. Fuller served as a Sergeant First Class with the 24th Infantry for 2 years.

In 1956, Fuller performed as a soldier in Friendly Persuasion. Other stars in the film were Doug McClure and John Smith.

In 1957, he had his first major film role as Maurie Weston in Teenage Thunder – a black and white teenage drama film directed by Paul Helmick. Robert said about the role:

”Paul Helmick use me for the bad guy.”

From 1959 to 1965, he performed in 60 episodes of Wagon Train, a Western series that ran for 284 episodes over 8 seasons.

Fuller recorded an LP in Munich, Germany in 1967.

From 1971 to 1979, Robert starred as head physician Dr. Kelly Brackett in ”Emergency!,” a TV series that follows two rescuers, who work as firefighters and paramedics in the LA metropolitan area.

robert fuller net worth
Robert Fuller playing Jess Harper in the TV western Laramie – @Getty

He won the Outstanding Service Award from the Huntsville Fire Department on April 16, 1974.

Fuller won the Golden Boot Award in 1989.

In 2001, he starred as a marine corp general in JAG. His last role was in 2001 as Wade Harper in ”Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Robert officially retired from acting in 2004. He said for Jeremy Roberts from Medium:

”I retired from acting in 2004 when my wife and I, actress Jennifer Savidge, moved to Texas and got a ranch.”

On October 12, 2007, he was awarded the Silver Spur Award.

He was inducted into the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 2008.

In 2017, Fuller received his honorary belt buckle as Grand Marshal at the Mr. T Xtreme Bulls in Laramie.


On December 20, 1962, Robert married Patricia Lyon, an actress who is best known for her roles in Wagon Train, Blowing Hot and Cold, and Country Love. They divorced in 1984. Lyon passed away two years after their divorce.

On May 19, 2001, Robert Fuller married Jennifer Savidge.

Robert Fuller and wife Jennifer Savidge

Savidge is an American actress who appeared in Rudderless, Searching for Sonny, L.A. Law, Evolution, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, True Crime,  Magic Kid 2, Clifford, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

She is best known for her role as Nurse Lucy Papandrao in St. Elsewhere.

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Fuller and Patricia Lyon had three children, named Patrick, Christine, and Rob.



Fuller is 5′ 11″ (1.8 m) tall.

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Fuller performed with a rock group at holiday festivities in Whiskey Flats.

Robert Fuller – Net Worth

Fuller earned most of his wealth from appearing in 95 TV series and movies, including – The Hard Ride, Emergency!, Incident at Phantom Hill, Return of the Seven, Bonanza: The Next Generation, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Teenage Thunder, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Mustang Country, The Brain from Planet Arous, and Walker, Texas Ranger.

Robert was also a spokesperson for Budweiser Malt Liquor, Little Friskies, and Teledyne Water Pik. He said: ”I would only do a commercial if I believed in the product.”

Therefore, American actor Robert Fuller has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

What is actor Robert Fuller doing today?

actor robert fuller today

In the present day, Robert Fuller and his wife is living in Texas. He has a horse ranch in Gainesville.

Fuller’s last role was in 2001, but he officially retired in 2004. “The business has changed an awful lot since I started,” he said.

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