Is Quicksilver alive in WandaVision?

In a devastating final battle, Pietro was shot and killed in crossfire, despite his superspeed ability. As a result, Pietro’s reappearance in WandaVision was a shock to everyone – not least because he is now the X-Men version, and not the Marvel version we saw die.

Is Quicksilver coming back in WandaVision?

Pietro has been dead for years, but despite that, Marvel succeeded in making him relevant again. By delivering a fake-out with Evan Peters, WandaVision accomplished this without actually using any Quicksilver. Now, this long-dead MCU hero is back in the conversation.

What happens to Quicksilver in WandaVision?

To prevent Hawkeye and a young boy from being shot, Quicksilver, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, jumped in front of them and took the damage. His quick death was due to it being back when the X-Men film rights weren’t owned by Marvel Studios.

Why did they recast Quicksilver in WandaVision?

Replacing Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver with Evans’ version just makes sense. WandaVision had to recast Pietro to further solidify its sitcom influences, and it undoubtedly sets up some bigger surprises in the weeks to come. To see how all this plays out, keep checking in with WandaVision every Friday on Disney+.

Is Pietro still alive WandaVision?

The X-Men Pietro (Evan Peters) is alive and well, as far as we know. In WandaVision, Agatha “recasts” Pietro with Peters playing the role instead of Johnson. At first, many Marvel fans (including myself) thought this would be Marvel’s way to introduce X-Men to the MCU.


How did Wanda know Pietro died?

Wanda Maximoff (Pietro’s sister), who is at the center of the city, immediately falls to her knees and screams as if she knew that Pietro was dead. Then (without seeing Pietro’s body), she rips out Ultron’s heart and says that that was what she felt like (presumably after Pietro’s death).

Will Pietro Maximoff ever come back?

The ‘Bullet Train’ actor, who previously appeared in the MCU as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver, will return in Sony’s upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff.

Why is the actor for Pietro different in WandaVision?

Evan Peters has played Quicksilver/Peter Maximoff (close enough to Pietro, right?) in the X-Men franchise since Days of Future Past in 2014. One of the most important reasons for having different actors play the same character is due to studio interference.

Why did Wanda turn evil?

Doctor Strange 2’s main villain turned out to be Wanda Maximoff, who went full evil in her quest to reunite with her children after losing them in WandaVision. She has been tapping into chaos magic using the Darkhold.

Why are there 2 Quicksilvers?

Q: I do wonder why there are two Quicksilvers? One in the Avengers and one in X-Men. The short answer is that both Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox say they own Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, so both studios are using the characters.

Is Pietro in WandaVision real?

Agatha Harkness spilled the beans about Pietro in WandaVision episode 8, “Previously On”, during her supervillain monologue to the magically captured Wanda. Evan Peters’ Pietro is, indeed a fake (“Fietro”, as Agatha called him).

How is Wanda’s brother alive in WandaVision?

In a devastating final battle, Pietro was shot and killed in crossfire, despite his superspeed ability. As a result, Pietro’s reappearance in WandaVision was a shock to everyone – not least because he is now the X-Men version, and not the Marvel version we saw die.

How is vision alive in WandaVision?

The episode’s post-credits scene also revealed the fate of real Vision’s body, and it’s not good: Hayward used some of Wanda’s magic from the retro drone that SWORD sent in, and has completely revived Vision’s body.

Is Quicksilver Wanda’s twin?

Who is Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver? Pietro is Wanda’s twin brother. The two were born in Sokovia, a small, made-up Eastern European country. At the age of 10, their parents were killed using Stark weaponry, engendering them with a deep hatred for Tony Stark.

Is vision alive after WandaVision?

Is Vision alive at the end of WandaVision? There have been a lot of unanswered questions about the return of Vision, but yes, technically, the character lives on in some capacity.

Is Wanda daughter of Magneto?

Scarlet Witch, real name Wanda Maximoff, is a mutant who has the ability to modulate probability as she sees fit. The daughter of Magneto, she bears an enormous grudge toward her father for imprisoning her in an asylum at a young age. She was initially recruited into the Brotherhood of Mutants before joining the X-Men.

How did Wanda lose her twins?

The season ends with Billy and Tommy fading away as Wanda’s sitcom universe does around them. Vision and Wanda put the boys to bed, she thanks them for letting her be their mother, and she leaves the twins to vanish—which isn’t that different from her world in the comics.

Is Scarlet Witch the villain in Doctor Strange 2?

Marvel kept quiet on the film’s Big Bad, so they were of no help. And it wasn’t until fans traveled to theaters to see Doctor Strange 2 that they found out the Scarlet Witch was the villain.

Is Scarlet Witch a villain in WandaVision?

Wanda is a great villain, but Marvel had to cheat to get her there.

Is vision Wanda’s husband?

In the comics, Vision and Wanda married in 1975’s Avengers #4 and even got their own spinoff comic, Vision and the Scarlet Witch, in 1982. They fought alongside the Avengers and had twin boys named William and Thomas.

Who is the villain in WandaVision?

Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes in WandaVision Was Marvel Villain Agatha Harkness All Along. And the clues were there from the start.

Why was Pietro killed off?

“It adds stakes to the ending of the film,” Marvel head honcho Kevin Feigetold MTV, noting Pietro’s death is used to “show repercussions for Ultron’s actions, and also in a way to solidify Scarlet Witch’s character, and Wanda’s arc in the movie and where we’ll see her in the next films.”

Is Evan Peters the new Quicksilver?

WandaVision’s creator Jac Schaeffer has explained the sad reason why Evan Peters was cast as Pietro Maximoff, otherwise known as Quicksilver, in the Marvel series.

Will Evan Peters ever play Quicksilver again?

Peters could returns in his original role as Quicksilver in the long-awaited reunion between the MCU and the X-Men universe, or in some capacity as Ralph Bohner.

What would happen if Quicksilver survived?

If Quicksilver survived Avengers: Age of Ultron, there is a strong chance that he would’ve still been around to help fight Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Quicksilver would give the Avengers a brand-new skill set in fighting Thanos thanks to his super speed.

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