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Lee Steinfeld, better known by his Youtube name, Leonhart, is an American Youtuber who specifically produces content related to all things Pokemon.

On his channel, viewers can find videos that mostly revolve around the opening and unboxing of different variations of Pokemon cards.

He has amassed a following since the start of his online career in 2014, becoming one of the most well-known creators in the world of Pokemon.

These videos have brought him attention from fans around the world, with followers living everywhere from the United States to Australia to Japan.

It has also given him the opportunity to make appearances at popular events internationally, such as the Let’s Play Gaming EXPO, Dallas Comic Con, and DFW Pokemon Regional Championships.

Beyond his success as an internet personality on the likes of Youtube and Twitch, Leonhart has also become notable for his work in voice acting.

He has recently contributed his talents to productions such as the popular anime series, One Piece.

Getting His Start

Initially, Leonhart was balancing a career in law while simultaneously trying to grow his Youtube channel.

He began in November of 2014, backed by inspiration from successful gaming channels at the time, such as Markiplier and JackSepticEye.

His first videos centered mostly on content that highlighted nostalgic video game “top 10s.”

However, the focus of his channel began to shift after he made a video about an old Pokemon card collection that he uncovered at his parents’ house.

Leonhart had grown up at the height of the Pokemon craze in the 90s.

He spent many weekends watching the shows alongside his friends, collecting the cards, and playing the games on his gameboy.

Once in college, he started collecting again with his roommates.

The nostalgic feeling that he felt when filming his reaction to the cards found at his childhood home encouraged him to make his channel focus primarily on Pokemon card openings and vlogs.

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Growing His Channel

As with anything, it took Leonhart a lot of time to grow his channel.

From his start in 2014, his follower count consistently grew, encouraging him to stick with the videos.

Despite the fact that he was seeing continuous growth, his channel truly began to take off during the midst of the PokemonGO craze of 2016.

The popularity of the mobile app brought a wave of people back to an interest in collecting cards while also introducing a whole new generation to Pokemon.

This increase in attention around the world for Pokemon itself also had a considerable impact on channels centered around the brand like Leonhart’s.

During the time of the app’s release, his audience grew exponentially.

Because of this success, he was able to finally build up the confidence to leave his job as an attorney and pursue Youtube as his full-time career.

With his views increasing at a considerable amount, the income from his channel was enough to comfortably support his lifestyle without actually having to work a regular full-time job.

Making A Change

Aside from his endeavors on Youtube and with his fans, Leonhart is heavily involved with volunteer work and raising money for various organizations.

In 2020, his channel was able to raise around $500,000 for charity.

Leonhart specifically focuses on supporting organizations and charities that focus on aspects of mental health.

He has been an advocate for groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) — a grassroots mental health organization that provides real-time support and guidance for struggling Americans.

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In June of 2018, Leonhart got married to his longtime girlfriend, Rebecca Lipinski.

She occasionally can be seen featured in his videos, such as ones where they react to the unpackaging of rare Pokemon cards or packs together.

Leonhart – Net Worth

Steinfeld primarily makes money from ad revenue that is generated due to the millions of subscribers that he has on his Youtube account.

This is accompanied by sponsors of his channel that compensate him for advertisements featured before his videos. 

On YouTube, Lee has over 300 million views–about $900K in revenue before taxes.

Aside from the money he makes from his Youtube channel, he also generates income from side projects such as his appearances at events like Comic-Con, his work in major television productions, and other endeavors such as his upcoming book release.

Therefore, American YouTuber Leonhart has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.            

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