rank the following elements by electron affinity, from most positive to most negative ea value.

Rank of the given elements by electron affinity, from most positive to most negative is  I > Te > Bi > Na > Ne.

What is electron affinity?

Electron affinity tells aboit the change in energy takes place during the addition of an electron on the neutral atom.

Electron affinity of any atom is inversely proportinal to the atomic size of that atom. And due to stable electronic configuration noble gas didn’t form any ion, that’s why its 0 for noble gas. Among the given atoms atomic size of iodine is smallest so it will have higher electron affinity. So, the decreasing order of electron affinity from most positive to most negative will be shown as:

I > Te > Bi > Na > Ne

Hence, decreasing order of electron affinity is I > Te > Bi > Na > Ne.

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When an electron is added to a neutral atom to convert it into a negative ion then the amount of change taking place in its energy is known as electron affinity.

Smaller is the size of an atom more readily an electron will be gain an electron because of strong force of attraction exerted by its nucleus towards the electron.

Out of the given options iodine is the smallest in size and neon being a noble gas will be highly stabilized. Hence, neon will have zero electron affinity.

Therefore, we can conclude that given elements are ranked from most positive to most negative EA value as follows.

               Ne < Na < Bi < Te < I

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