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What is Troydan’s net worth? Who is Troydan’s girlfriend?


Troydan (real name – Daniel Warren-Biers) is a Canadian Youtuber and Twitch streamer who posts gaming-related content videos.

He is specifically known for his gameplay of NBA2k, MLB The Show, and Madden.

Over the years, he has grown a massive following on Youtube and Twitch, attracting fans from all over the world.

He is most notable for his distinct video style, which features a more comedic approach to sports gaming that is backed by his humorous personality.

In addition to his gaming channel, Troydan runs a second channel that features him reacting to challenges, compilations, sports-related content, and other popular videos on the internet.

The Origin Story

Troydan has long had a passion for both sports and gaming, which was the foundation for his current success on Youtube.

He grew up playing video games, first getting started on his mom’s ColecoVision gaming system.

This passion was cemented after getting ahold of his own console — the infamous Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Along with gaming, Troydan was heavily involved with sports during his youth.

Although not playing much basketball (the sport that he is now most heavily associated with due to his NBA2k gameplay), he participated in soccer, baseball, and curling. ”The sport that I did the most, unfortunately, as a kid, was curling,” Daniel told Elite Sports NY.

While he may not have been playing the game of basketball himself, he kept up with NBA teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, his interest solidified further by accompanying video games of the franchise such as NBA Courtside 2: Featuring Kobe Bryant, which was on the Nintendo 64.

Getting Started

Before getting his start on Youtube and Twitch, Troydan worked several one-off jobs.

These included working for Sprint Mobile as a tech support representative, selling office supplies, and even selling car insurance for a UK car insurance company called Admiral.

He first began taking a hand at content creation when he got his first camera phone in 2006.

Just doing it for fun, he would produce random videos, mostly creating ones that centered around top 10 lists — these usually only getting around 100 views each.

It was around this same time that he also made his way into the world of streaming.

In 2008, Troydan found out about, a precursor to Twitch that was a pioneer of live content and allowed its users to broadcast directly to their audience.

These streams that he did at the time usually revolved around prank phone calls that he would carry out from his parent’s bedroom.

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Finding His Place

Although taking a hiatus from streaming by way of, he would eventually return to streaming in 2014, this time on the platform Twitch.

He found popularity by streaming the game World of Warcraft, soon gaining traction from a growing audience.

Unfortunately, his popularity began to decline after a few months, almost pushing him back to focus on his regular job.

This changed, however, after he switched over to streaming NBA2k15 when it was first released.

From this, he was able to successfully develop a brand new audience and maintain it since then, continuing to post videos of a similar nature while also streaming on Twitch.


In August of 2020, Troydan announced to his fans by way of Twitter that he and his longtime girlfriend, Kate, had officially ended their relationship.

The two initially met on a job that they worked at together — Kate was his boss, however, they barely spoke while working.

They would later reconnect on Facebook, where they developed a romantic relationship that lasted several years.

Following the breakup, Troydan took a short break from streaming and producing content on Youtube, much to the disappointment of his fans.

After the split, fans began to speculate that Troydan had begun seeing Jenna — a fellow Twitch streamer who has gained popularity due to her live broadcast sessions of the video game Apex Legends.

Later, it was revealed that Troydan started dating Kaila. The two split in 2022.

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Troydan – Net Worth

Daniel makes his full-time living from his activity on the Internet.

He is paid by way of advertising revenue that connects to his high view count and subscriber rate on Youtube.

On YouTube, Daniel has over 1 billion views, meaning about $3 million in revenue before taxes.

Similarly, he generates income from his Twitch streaming, where he is able to make money from advertisements, subscriptions, individual donations from viewers, and sponsorships from businesses and organizations.

Therefore, Canadian YouTuber Troydan has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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