when campaign workers are canvassing neighborhoods, one of their goals is to


Identify voters who will support their candidate


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political campaign is a coordinated effort aimed at influencing the process of decision-making within a given group. Political campaigns are commonly used in democracies to refer to electoral campaigns in which representatives are elected or referendums are resolved.

Canvassing is the process of making systematic direct contact with individuals, which is often utilized in political campaigns.

  • Canvassing can also refer to a neighborhood sweep conducted by police as part of an inquiry.  
  • This is a method of interviewing shopkeepers, residents, and others who are in close proximity to a crime and may have important information.
  • The canvass is the official count of votes in a particular election. The goal of the canvass is to record for each and every ballot that is cast and verify that every valid vote is counted in the election results.

Therefore, the goal of canvassing is to find voters who will vote for their candidate. So Identification of voters is the correct answer.  

For more information regarding the election candidates, refer to the link:

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