Who can counter Fanny?

Minsitthar can counter Fanny because of his ability to give Grounded effects from his ultimate skill. Franco can ‘hook’ her using 1st skill and if he uses Flicker to his turret or base as well as his allies.

Who can defeat my fanny?

Hero Picks to Counter Fanny

Staying in open areas (not too close to areas with many surrounding walls) Using ranged heroes with the ability to easily escape easily (Brody, Miya, Granger, etc.) Using burst damage magic heroes (Eudora, Cyclops, Aurora, etc.) Buying more physical defensive gear.

Does Khufra counter Fanny?

Heroes with skill to move like Fanny can indeed be countered by Khufra, but not with Harley’s Space Escape. He will not be hit by knock ups at all, making it easier for Harley to enter or exit the battle to target Khufra.

Can Moskov counter Fanny?

Moskov of course can counter her but if your lucky enough you can pushed her back to the wall for a 2secs stun.

Who can counter Guinevere?

To counter Guinevere, you can use item Athena’s Shield for reducing her damage.

3 Ways Counter fanny Mobile Legends | Full Guide How To Counter fanny | Hero Counter items counter

Who can counter Lancelot?

5 Best Heroes to Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends That You…

  • Phoveus. It’s no secret that Phoveus is the best hero to counter nimble heroes like Lancelot due to his Passive and Ultimate. …
  • Khufra. Another hero you can use to counter Lancelot is Khufra as he can easily stop Lancelot’s movements. …
  • Chou. …
  • Ruby. …
  • Saber.

How do you counter Miya?

Miya counter Heroes

  1. Best counter for Miya is Natalia. …
  2. Alucard must have more lifesteal and damage items to beat her easily.
  3. Clint can easily out-farm her with 1 or 2k gold gap.
  4. Layla can do a good poke against her but with Miya’s ultimate she can easily dodge.
  5. Eudora is powerful than Miya as more damage as well.

Can Silvanna counter Fanny?

Fanny counter Heroes

Silvanna’s can counter Fanny because of his ability to give Restrained effects from her ultimate skill.

What hero can counter Lesley?

Lancelot is a hero who can make his opponent unable to dodge, except for Lesley. With the ability of Lancelot’s hero, you can easily beat Lesley’s hero, by continuing to attack his opponent, especially Lancelot is the one who has fast movements and has good immunity to survive Lesley’s attacks.

How do you counter Aldous?

Aldous’ first counter item is Twilight Armor. This item will make it difficult to kill him with your hero, because Twilight Armor can cause an additional 20 and HP 1200 physical damage. The Twilight Armor item also has a unique passive called Defiance.

How do you counter wanwan?

Wanwan counter Heroes

Khufra will prevent Wanwan from using Tiger Pace (passive) to dash out of his Bouncing Ball (2nd Skill). Phoveus’ Demonic Force (ultimate) unlocks when an enemy hero uses dash or charge skills, including Wanwan.

Who counters Hayabusa?

Hero Picks to Counter Hayabusa

  • Using fighter heroes with more HP (Jawhead, Sun, Kaja, Pacquito, etc.)
  • Using burst damage magic heroes with stuns/disabling skills (Eudora, Cyclops, Aurora, etc.)
  • Using fewer marksman heroes.

Who is the strongest hero in ML?

1. Alucard: Alucard is an extremely powerful assassin class hero because of his immense damage and high life steal.

Who can defeat Ling?

The Counter heroes for Ling are heroes that can lock the target like Aldous, Chou, or Gusion. Heroes with a skill lock can immediately limit Ling’s movement and Kill Ling instantly.

How do you counter Zilong?

To counter Zilong, go for tanks with good damage. Zilong is also squishy if he does not get enough defense from his item build.

Who can counter Moskov?

Here is the list of three heroes who perform exceptionally well versus Moskov in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Eudora. In order to win a game against Moskov, the need of choosing heroes who can dominate the early play is important. …
  • Lesley. …
  • Chou. …
  • Blade Armor.
  • Immortality.
  • Twilight Armor.
  • Brute Force Breastplate.

How do you counter Brody?

Brody counter Tips

Prevent him from farming > continuously harassed. Try to disrupt Brody’s farming activities as early in the game as possible. Surprise attacked him.

Who is Silvanna weak against?

Silvanna counter Tips

Silvanna weak against hero with high tier CC Skills and CC Immunity/Removing. To out from her ultimate and removing her 1st Skill Stun, use the hero with CC Remove skills or spell Purify.

What hero can counter Alucard?

Alucard counter Heroes

Tank with high cc skills like Franko, Tigreal, or Hylos. You can pick any marksman.

Who can defeat Miya?

The first hero counter for Miya Mobile Legends is Kaja. Kaja is a fighter support hero who can kidnap his opponent quite easily, any hero, can be counter quickly and also deadly.

Who can counter Balmond?

Balmond can be countered using Demon Hunter Sword.

How do you counter Esmeralda shield?

These items can help you countering against Esmeralda. You can use item Necklace of Durance (For Mage and Support). Sea Halberd, Demon Hunter Sword (For Marksman and other heroes who deal Physical Damage who is Basic Attack) for reducing Esmeralda’s Shield.

Who is the counter of Dyrroth?

Aldous is a fighter-type hero who can create a large burst damage, especially if he has a full stack. Because Dyrroth has a pretty low defense, of course Aldous can finish off Dyrroth in just a few attacks, even just one attack if Aldous already has the specific items.

Who is the king of Lifesteal in ML?

1. Alucard. It’s no longer a secret that Alucard has become the best lifesteal hero in Mobile Legends. This vampire has a tremendous lifesteal, especially if you activate his ultimate, Alucard doesn’t have to mind about running out of HP since his ultimate will boost his lifesteal to 100%.

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